What to Look for in SEO for Lawyers Service


Perhaps your legal website is just not getting the traffic it needs, even though you and your team are constantly updating it with quality, informative legal content. You have searched for SEO help and hired professionals before, but your website is stagnating. You need to hire experts in SEO for lawyers service.

You need professionals who can create a strategy ideal for your field and execute that strategy. You do not need weak promises and you are done believing in SEO services’ “guarantees.” Here is what you must find in a law firm oriented SEO company.

First, you need a company with a team that not only understands new technology related to SEO, but that can execute it. This company should be accurate at analyzing the results their strategy yields. Additionally, you need a firm that can offer manageable plans that make for affordable SEO services.

You should not be billed every month for services that underperform. You have too much to do running your firm and caring for your clients. You probably do not have time to add a blog post to your own website never mind update it and ensure it is optimized for Google’s current algorithms.

Be sure the SEO for Lawyers service that you hire never violates search engine guidelines. Ideally, the company will do all the SEO work in-house and not outsource it to a team of crowd workers in the “cloud.”

Most of all be sure you are not seeing your checks are cashed for services that underperform. Be sure the team is taking care of directing traffic to your website which they also ensure is packed with high-quality content and resources. Be sure your website loads quickly and has no indexing issues.

One area the SEO company should pay particular attention to is where your firm is listed on Google Plus Local. This is a huge platform for your company to get the exposure it needs.

Again, be sure to avoid any company that “guarantees” you the top Google listing in your area. Google changes its algorithms frequently, and when a website does not make changes to adhere to these algorithms, it fails. It can even get “flagged” for not following the rules.

Work with an SEO company familiar with the needs of a law firm. Find one that develops a strategy and can show you the results on paper.

Author: Will Robins