What is off-page SEO?

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The definition of off-page SEO is that it refers to those things you do outside of your own web pages to enhance their rankings in the search engines. So basically let’s say you built up your site and your searching for other sites or your customers are searching for other sites and either you yourself or your customers click on other websites or web pages to gradually increase that websites rankings. What do you do?

Well this is the post that can help you with that. Let’s start off with how?


  • The first thing you do is to get more links and backlinks to be able to get to search engines check out the post What is On-Page SEO
  • But if you target long tail keywords you can see results pretty quickly but remember SEO is a long term strategy not a sit down play video games and go on type of thing.
  • Okay if you are after more competitive keywords to commit to for three months of consistent effort try and tell me on the comments of how that is going to work out
  • Because you can’t control what third-party sizes do, you should focus the vast majority of your efforts on ranking content on your own sites.
  • But you can leverage high-ranking third-party sites by posting SEO’ed content on them and then you including a link back to your own site. Not only do you get the SEO benefits of the backlinks, you’ll also get indirect search engine traffic from people clicking through to your main site.

So I know that seems like a lot of information of How but I’m sure if you are on this journey with us this stuff will become understandable. But we are starting with a dream like you guys started with and even though we are not so high tech but we still learn through these experiences of working with Will Robins.

Also, I worked under him this past summer and I learned a lot of stuff that the distributor guys have to go through so if there is anyone like that on this site I know how you feel. But I’m trying to become like I said in my last post business – relationship man so if we are working together. I am working with you as a business – relationship type of man here where I can be business if we are talking business and I can be relational if we are talking personal.

But just to give you a heads up I know this may seem like a lot to take in but I am sure that with this being a learning experience for me I hope it will be for you. Thank you for your time and tell me what you think of it down in the comments section.

Author: Will Robins