How to use BP Zinc Oxide Effectively?


Also known as zno, zinc oxide is a water insoluble substance that is mined for its myriad of useful and sometimes vital applications. Zinc oxide is rated in a number of different grades and these depend on the purity of the compound. Glass production, lubrication, ceramics and even as part of the ingredients that make up industrial cement, it is no wonder that this is such an important mineral compound. Here we look a little closer at zno and discuss how it can be used and also if it is considered to be a dangerous mineral.


BP Zinc Oxide explained

As discussed before, there are a number of different grades of zno and BP Zinc Oxide is one of the highest available today. In order to comply with national regulations and industry standards, there are strict testing process in place. The highest standards are in the USA and here is where BP Zinc Oxide meets the requirements. It reaches the high standards within the medical industry and as such, it is used in many cosmetic and medical products thereafter.



Zinc Oxide/zno is essentially an amphoteric oxide that, although insoluble in water, can be dissolved when added to the majority of acids. BP Zinc Oxide will react slowly when combined with the fatty acids we find in most oils and thereafter it produces carboxylates including stearate and oleate. It has been known for scientists to create zno by way of synthesis procedures in laboratory conditions.


Common applications

As mentioned earlier, there are many applications of BP Zinc Oxide and we will discuss a few of them here for your perusal:

  • Medicine – because of its unique quality and the way that zno reacts to oils, it is widely used to deal with skin conditions. In particular, rashes and acne-based afflictions. It is also very effective for dealing with dandruff and sunburnt skin.
  • Ceramics – BP Zinc Oxide works excellently in the composition of ceramic glaze products. It helps to prevent crazing and also works well by developing a glossy surface coat
  • Paints – You will find zno is also added as a pigment in many paints and was added to oil paints as far back as the 18th These days it is used on a commercial level and has replaced the dangerous lead white that was sued back in the day.
  • Food additive – If you check out the ingredients in most popular breakfast cereals you will see that Zinc Oxide is also there. You may be surprised to learn that it is a source of nutrients and helps make up the zinc quota that humans need in their daily food intake.



Is BP Zinc Oxide actually harmful? Well, thanks to the high grade that this version is made up from, it offers a relieving effect that even helps the most sensitive skin types. Because of its safe cosmetic properties, there are no issues as far as damaging your skin are concerned.

We’ve discussed BP Zinc Oxide in some depth and we think that you will agree that it is an amazing mineral compound.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough