Top 5 Essential Tips For Promoting Your Mobile App

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With over two and a half million apps in the Google Play Store and over two million in the Apple App Store, you may believe that making your app stand out in any meaningful way is nearly impossible.

On the contrary, that could not be any further from the truth, and you should not allow this mindset to discourage you from sharing your apps with the rest of the world. Not only is promoting your app effectively perfectly possible, it’s also completely necessary if you want to be successful.

If you’ve recently built your own mobile app and are now looking for ways to promote it so it stands out from the countless other competing apps, then you should find the tips in this article to be of some use to you.

Here are the tip five essential tips for promoting your mobile app:

1. Have A Website

Having a quality and user friendly website will almost instantly prove the legitimacy of your app to people. Include the link to your website in the description to your app and harness the power of SEO techniques to make your website rank higher on search engines and draw in more organic traffic.

2. Create Buzz For Your App Through Public Relations

There are a number of public relations strategies you can use to generate buzz for your app, including writing up a press release, being interviewed by popular bloggers or newspapers, or even hosting a launch party.

3. Promote Yourself Through Social Media

Social media enables you to connect with people in ways that few other marketing methods can. After establishing your presence on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, you should start to follow people in your industry and join relevant groups where you can make new connections and spread the word about your app.

4. Include Popular Keywords In Your Description

When uploading your app to the App Store or Google Play Store, you don’t want to allow your description of your app to go to waste. Not only is this your chance to showcase the benefits of your app, it’s also your chance to optimize your mobile app so it will become more relevant when people search for new apps to download,

You can easily do this by researching popular keywords in your niche and incorporating them into your description. The amount of space you have available to write your description is limited, so choose your keywords and incorporate them carefully.

5. Use QR Codes

Finally, you can use QR codes to effectively market your app so long as it it’s an app for a smart phone. Add QR codes to your brochures, email messages, business cards, and your website

Promoting Your Mobile App

Promoting your mobile app is something you have to do to stand out from the millions of other apps on the market. The five tips we have gone over in this article will help you do just that.

Author: Susan Melony