Top 4 Qualities That You Want in a New Commercial Garage Door


When you look at your current set of garage doors, what do you see? If they’ve been in place for a long time, they are about due for replacement. Instead of calling a supplier and ordering the same door design again, why not check out the commercial door inventory offered by a professional who can also handle the installation? Here are some of the qualities that you want those new doors to offer.


Built to Last a Long Time

Durability is important when it comes to investing in new commercial garage doors. Given the average cost of these doors, you want them to provide years of reliable service. One of the ways to ensure they do last for a long time is to deal with a reputable supplier. You’ll find that all the options provided by will have the strength and durability needed to hold up well as the years pass.


Greater Security

Garage doors are intended to provide more than a convenient way to protect equipment from the weather. You also want the new doors to protect whatever you have stored in the garages. From the simplest tool to major equipment that you are repairing, nothing should be touched by anyone but authorized employees.

When you check out any commercial door inventory, pay close attention to the materials used for the construction. They should hold up well to all sorts of weather, and provide a strong barrier in the event someone attempts to break into one of your garages. Doing so will protect the resources you have stored in the spaces. You may also find that doors offering greater security make a difference in your business property insurance rates.


An Acceptable R-Value

The R-value is a rating that has to do with the quality of the insulating material contained in each door. Typically, the rating tells you how well that insulation prevents the flow of heat from outside into the garage. That can be especially important when some of the equipment housed in one of your garages needs to be maintained at a certain temperature.

When checking out the different commercial garage doors offered at, pay close attention to the type of insulation found in each one. By comparing ratings, you can find several doors that would be a good fit for your business.


The Cost of Purchase and Installation

While the range of features is the main focus, there is the need to consider the overall cost of those new commercial garage doors. As you browse the commercial door inventory, make a note of the purchase price along with the cost of installation. Your goal is to identify doors that have all the qualities you want and an overall price that’s within your budget.

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Author: Ryan Yarbrough