Top 4 {Almost Free} SEO Tools Crushing Rank In 2018

Top 4 {Almost Free} SEO Tools Crushing Rank In 2018

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful things you can use to rank your content high in the search engines results pages. However, with so many different SEO tools out there, finding the best ones can be a challenge, especially since SEO techniques and tools have evolved over the years. Figuring out landing page vs. homepage and other differences are important. Having the right tools is next after knowledge.

Lucky for you, there is no need to research a bunch of tools and trying to figure out which ones are the best. This is because we’ve done the work for you, so feel free to read on to find out what are the best SEO tools in 2018.

1. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro, or LTP for short, is a keyword research tool that allows you to generate long tail keywords. This keyword tool is unlike many others on the market and this is because it is packed with great features. The main benefit is you can generate over 800 keywords using data that is derived from Google’s keyword tool.

It will give you an idea of how hard it will be to rank for various keywords in Google’s top 10 results, as well as provide you with metrics that can help you determine how much strength a domain has, page strength and number of links. The bottom line is LTP will make keyword research much easier for you to find the best and most profitable keywords to use. Whether you’re building a site from scratch, want to launch an article marketing campaign or you have an established website, you’ll want to get your hands on Long Tail Pro. There are various plans to choose from, but LTP is worth every penny.

2. SEOQuake

SEOQuake is a competitor research tool that you can use to your advantage when you want to improve your SEO strategy. Best of all, SEOQuake is free to use and it allows you to pull up a lot of data on a page. For example, you can use the tool to show the number of external links a webpage has, as well as Alexa rank, domain age and Google index metrics/data will be shown to you.

The SEObar can provide you with a summary for any webpage you are viewing, and it does it very quickly. Do you want to get an idea of what your competitors are doing and do you want a cheap but effective SEO tool that will come in handy? If so, then you’ll want to start using SEOQuake right away.

3. LinkMiner

This SEO tool is for link building purposes, and it doesn’t matter what you’ve read or heard, link building is still an essential component of SEO. It always has been and the chances are links will always play a role in how search engines rank websites and content. With that said, there are many tools that help with link building, but none of them can quite compare to LinkMiner.

For starters, LinkMiner is a free tool, but it is powerful. For starters, it checks for broken links. If your site has too many broken links, then this won’t do you any favors, so finding them and quickly fixing them will come easy when you use LinkMiner. The tool can also pull data on Facebook Likes, backlinks and much more.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is mainly used for research and analysis purposes, and more and more small business owners, online marketers and SEO professionals are using it to help them achieve better search rankings. For starters, Ahrefs has Site Explore, which is a powerful tool for analyzing backlinks.

Content Explore is another feature Ahrefs has and this allows you to find the web for popular content about any keyword or any topic. For example, if you use Content Explore to find fitness related content, then you will be shown the most popular fitness related content, which you can analyze to see what you can do to improve your own fitness related content. This is just one example of how to use Content Explorer.

There is also one more tool that Ahrefs provides you with. The tool is called Keyword Explorer, which allows you to learn about the search volume of specific keywords. It also shows you the difficulty level for ranking for them and provide you with keyword ideas that are related to the keyword you are researching.

Keep in mind that Ahrefs offers a number of paid plans. However, you can rest assure their plans are worth it. If you want to use one of the most powerful SEO tools around, then Ahrefs is what you want to start using.

Bottom Line About SEO Tools 2018

The bottom line is the above tools are the top SEO tools for 2018 and for good reasons. If you’re still deciding whether or not you should give the above tools a try, then go and read reviews about them because you will quickly see that they are very useful. All you have to do now is start using those SEO tools today and soon enough you will start getting results.

Author: Will Robins