Tips For Writing An Excellent Restaurant Review


Writing a review for a restaurant is a great way to share your experience and offer up forewarning or blessings for future customers.  To write a review that’s worth reading, you’ll have to be able to present a few key points to inquisitive readers.

Of course, you’ll need to know how to describe the food with verbal precision.  You will also need to understand a little about how to structure your review. Here are a few tips to check into, featuring some excellent tidbits about how to write a great restaurant review.

The structure of your review

Before you try to write a restaurant review, you should know a few things about how to structure the composition.  Start from the beginning.  

People will be interested in the “story” of your experience, so structure your review as such.  Write in chronological order of events, and explore each step of the meal along the way.

Choose the place you wish to review

You’ll need to choose a place to feature in your review, and it’s important that you choose a restaurant that matters to readers.  Location is everything. Find a place that interests the local community, and expand on what visitors may experience once they breach the doors of the establishment.  

You may choose to write an article highlighting where to eat while you’re pregnant.  You could write about places offering foods to eat after liposuction or lap band surgery.  Specialty articles are helpful.  

If you are unfamiliar with the area yourself, try doing a little light research on suggested eateries in the area.  Research what people in the area typically enjoy culturally, and match the culinary experience to what people are really seeking.  

Go and eat at your chosen location

One of the most obvious steps in creating the most well-written review possible is to actually experience the restaurant you have chosen to review.  In all honesty, you simply can’t write a respectable restaurant review without actually eating at the place.

Make sure to pay close attention to every detail as your experience progresses.  The food is not the only thing people will want to read about in your review.  

Use colorful language as you write

Consider the fact that you’re writing a review about a very palatable (or unpalatable) experience.  It’s important that you describe every detail with colorful adjectives and various descriptive terms.  People want to be able to imagine the flavors and atmosphere of a restaurant.

Feature a few pros and cons

Make sure to feature more than one dish in your review.  Also, highlight some pros and cons of the restaurant experience whether the overall experience was terrible or great.  Balance is always a sound strategy.

Author: Larry Alton