Tips for Closing on Commercial Real Estate


Any person who seems to think that closing on a commercial real estate transaction is easy has never been through such a process. You always have to remember that it is best to expect the unexpected. Not only are there going to be curve balls thrown your way, but you also have to know what you can do to deal with them when it happens. Even professionals who have been in the field for decades will still have times when it gets tough to close a deal.

Have A Plan

While it may seem obvious, you would be amazed at just how many people go into a closing without the right plan in place. You need to be able to have a solid vision of what it is that you have to accomplish and how you are going to get to the final result. Your plan will have to include each of the steps that are necessary to get you from where you are going to be today and where it is that you would like to be in the future. However, if you are looking to demolishing a property to put up a new structure, this should also be in your plans.

Assess The Issues

Having a plan in place will also mean looking at any of the issues that could arise while your plan is coming to fruition. There can be some obstacles in your way, but there will also be some decent opportunities. One of the top reasons why these transactions fail is because one or both parties involved do not have a good understanding of how to address the issues at hand.

The Closing Rush

A lot of people tend to forget the simple fact that there can be a lot of controlled chaos that takes place just before a closing. You may have to rely on third parties and you have to make sure that all of the paperwork is in place and any showings are on time, etc. You have to understand that this is all part of the process and it falls in line with your ability to be prepared to deal with appraisers, local zoning authorities, project surveyors, consultants, insurance companies and much more. Even though you may want to try to eliminate a lot of this chaos that can take place prior to closing, sometimes it is simply unavoidable.

Commercial real estate closings are more than likely always going to come along with a huge dollar amount and a lot of evolving circumstances. Instead of stressing out over a transaction and all of the pieces of the puzzle, preparing ahead of time will be the best way for you to come out on top. You have to be available to respond and if you keep these crucial factors in mind, you are going to have a much easier time muscling through right to the end.

Planning ahead and closing on your choice in real estate on a commercial level is going to be well worth it in the end.

Author: Will Robins