Tips For Crafting A Well-Written Review


The purpose of writing a review for a product, service, or even film is to evaluate or judge the quality of something.  Consumers make thousands of judgments every day concerning their favorite television shows, and other staple products in their homes.  

When you’re charged with the task of writing a review, your main goal is to express a judgment for or against the subject in question.  The best way to achieve this goal is to present good reasons and facts to support your outlook.

Here are a few tips to remember when crafting a well-written review.  

Experience the subject of the review more than once

Making a sound judgment on something takes time.  If you’re reviewing a product, you need to have experienced that product.  The same rule applies to any other type of review.  If it’s a movie review, you need to watch the movie more than once.  

You have to truly get a feel for the quality of the object in question before you can logically break down the different elements for review.  

Provide readers with essential information

Provide the essential information a buyer would need to know about the topic of review.  People will want to know who makes it, when it was first on the market, and other foundational info.  

The details you add into your review should be checked for accuracy.  For instance, if you’re writing a review about a place that buys cars for cash, you don’t want to print the wrong address.  Readers won’t take you very seriously if you have a key fact about the review wrong.  

Choose a side

Writing a review is purposed to choose sides.  People are looking to you to state whether or not (in your experience) the product is worth purchasing.  You have to be clear about whether or not you would endorse others purchasing the product (or whatever it is you’re reviewing).  

Talk about a range of elements

Composing a review that only addresses one or two aspects of the subject in question isn’t a very thorough way of providing insight for consumers.  Talk about several different aspects of the subject, and present a detailed observation for readers.

Allow readers to experience the subject of your article vicariously through your detailed explanations.  Use descriptive words to help convey your views on the product you’re reviewing.  

Introduce evidence that supports your findings

If you state that a product you are reviewing is cheaply made and easily broken, then you need to present evidence to support your claim.  Make a short video exposing the product’s weakness, or find other articles where the writer shares the same view of the product in question.

Author: Larry Alton