Thinking About Getting Solar? Learn More About It First

Thinking About Getting Solar? Learn More About It First

For someone who is just learning about the different solar options, it can be hard to truly see if you should actually get solar. We try to make everything easier for you to digest by making sections with the most important information about solar that you should know. Homeowners should consider the following information about solar:
What is the price of solar?
How much money will I save by having solar?
How can my energy prices be set by using solar?
Is solar the right choice for my home?
What financing options can I use to pay for solar?
All of these questions and more will be answered by us. You’ll be able to see what information you’ll need to make a choice about solar when you continue reading.Thinking About Getting Solar? Learn More About It First

From a financial standpoint, solar makes sense
When using solar, homeowners can reduce the cost of their energy bills by a large degree. Future energy costs that you’ll have to pay can be locked in with solar. You can even get solar without putting any money down by using PPAs, solar loans, and leases.

Locking in energy prices with solar
Electricity prices in residential areas of the US have dropped by 57% in 10 years. You can avoid getting hit with high energy costs by locking in solar prices now.

Is solar the right option for my home?

Homes all over the country are the perfect match for solar, and that’s not only counting the ones that exist where the sunbelt is located. The biggest factor for any homeowner to think about is the price of electricity. Shading, direction, and other roof factors should also be considered.

Options for financing solar
Solar is affordable enough for everyone, thanks to the multiple financing options that exist. PPAs, loans, cash purchases, and leases can be used by homeowners to go solar. Solar installation can be done all over the nation with zero down financing.Thinking About Getting Solar? Learn More About It First

How is electricity made from solar panels?

Sunlight meeting with silicon in solar panels causes them to generate electricity. Each installation is done in a timely manner and the homeowner doesn’t have to lift a finger. Using your power lines, the panels are wired into the grid. Thinking About Getting Solar? Learn More About It First

What does Solar to the People do?

We started out with the goal of making it easier for homeowners to deal with finding a provider for solar energy. By acting as a platform for competitive bids, Solar to the People connects homeowners with installers who have been screened for installing solar. We make it possible to get provider quotes in the easiest way by finding the best ones in a specific area.

The benefits of solar on the environment
Solar is a renewable source of energy with unlimited amounts. There aren’t any pollutants or greenhouse gases from the production of power with solar panels. A home with solar panels is equal to planting 6.8 acres, which is great for the environment.

The benefits of solar from an economic standpoint
For every unit of electricity, solar creates more jobs, which is more than what fossil fuels can create. Fossil fuels are imported, which causes a reliance on foreign countries, while solar is an energy that keeps America independent.

Author: Will Robins