The Top 5 Excursions In New York City


With a rapidly growing population of more than 8.5 million people covering an area of 789 km², the  Big Apple is one of the most exciting cities to get acquainted with. The streets are never quiet and there is never a bored man to be seen. New York City is known to hold some of the world’s most exhilarating experiences. From Broadway to the Empire State Building and all the nooks and crannies in between, if you haven’t seen New York City, you haven’t experienced the world. We took all our experience and put together a list of the top 5 must-see places in New York City.

The Top 5 Excursions in New York City

Sakura Park

The word ‘Sakura’ means cherry blossom, and rightly so, as the park that was formerly known as Claremont Park, changed its name to Sakura Park after 2500 cherry blossom trees were donated by Japan in 1912. If you’re going to visit a park in New York City, then this is definitely going to be the one. The cherry blossoms bloom from mid-March to late April.

Central Park

No one goes to New York City and doesn’t indulge in the thousands of things to do and sites to see inside Central Park. From live music with only the top bands being featured to fishing or rowing around the gorgeous lake. If you love the lake, you even have the opportunity to race model sailboats, and if you love butterflies then you cannot miss the monarchs in North Meadow Butterfly Gardens… and then if you believe in magic and all things phenomenal, then make sure to go and make a wish at Bethesda Fountain. Central Park has been known to keep travelers and New Yorkers alike, busy for days on end.

The Top 5 Excursions in New York City

5th Avenue Shopping

It’s no secret as to which city holds the best shopping experience in the world. New York City’s 5th Avenue holds your most luxurious and sought-after designer shops and boutiques. Even if you intend on simply window shopping, the experience itself is a must do when visiting the city. A word of warning though, in the morning and afternoon the traffic is not too bad at all, but come night time, traffic and people are everywhere. If that is your thing, and you want to rub shoulders with the super rich and famous, make sure you dare the traffic, and you may see that shining star you’ve been admiring your whole life.

Empire State Building

If you made it to the 5th Avenue for shopping then you will have passed The Empire State Building. Walking on foot past this enormous skyscraper must be experienced and there are no words to accurately describe its enormity and power. The Empire State Building is open until 2 am. So make sure you reach the top before then.


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Author: Will Robins