The Four-Point Holiday and Gift-Giving Checklist for Thrifty Shoppers


Whether you’re prepping for holiday season, gift-giving extravaganzas such as Christmas and Diwali or you have a slew of birthdays coming up in your inner circle, knowing how to save on gifts is a huge relief.

Serial gift-givers obviously want to save money; however, having a defined holiday shopping strategy also reduces stress as you never second-guess where your presents are coming from.

And despite popular belief, you can make sure that everyone on your list is pleased even if you’re on a tight budget. Modern shopping ultimately boils down to knowing where to score the best deals and how to be smart with your spending.

Below we’ve broken down exactly what that sort of smart spending looks like with these four gift-giving tips..

Make a List

While writing out a traditional list might seem a bit cheesy, the fact remains that knowing exactly who you’re spending money on will keep you focused. Furthermore, certain recipients such as your spouse or children might take somewhat of a priority over distant relatives or acquaintances in terms of how much you want to spend. Your gift-giving list doesn’t have to be a massive affair, but rather an overview of what all you need to buy at a glance.

Start Looking for Deals ASAP

Holiday shopping today is a far cry from what it was twenty years ago. Although big box stores are running deals like crazy, online retailers are doing the same and more to keep up.

Deals are happening around the clock leading up to the winter holiday season and beyond: chances are there are deals you can tap into today. With the help of Amazon coupons India shoppers in particular can score some major savings.

Stick to a Budget

With so many deals and offers out there, it’s crucial for shoppers to keep a budget to avoid overspending. By referencing your previously noted list, you can determine exactly how much money you need to spend on each person you’re shopping for. Coming up with a holiday budget can indeed be tricky if you’re a people-pleaser, but it’s the best way to avoid racking up a bunch of credit card bills.

As a result, you should ideally start putting away money months in advance to prepare for the season. Although it might be too late now, keep this tip in the back of your mind for the future.

Plan for a Dedicate Deal-Hunting Days

Deal days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent the cornerstones of the holiday season. Getting the best Black Friday deals often means blocking out some serious time to spend shopping and knowing exactly what you want before hitting up any given store. In the case of Cyber Monday, you need to dedicate specific hours to spend on the computer deal-hunting.

It’s a good idea for shoppers to go ahead and sign up for the email lists of their favorite stores to understand when and where their next deal is coming from. Similarly, many stores these days run flash sales that allow you to tap into savings over a 24-hour period.

Sounds exhausting, right? Great deals require great dedication and patience; however, those willing to go through the hoops can reap the rewards.

Don’t let a tight budget hold you back from holiday spending or giving the right gifts to your friends and family. These tips can help you find the perfect gifts regardless of how much you’re willing to spend.

Author: Susan Melony