The Epic Fail Freelancing

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The options for freelancing are endless. While many people think of freelancing as “free” workers there are those that make “freelancing” a wonderful thing. I hire freelancers for projects of my own and have met the best people in the world that are super resourceful that way.

The Proper Freelancer

For everyone that understands how to properly hire a freelancer, this is a comedy for you. If you have never hired a freelancer or you currently are the person I am describing… I pray for you and all those that work for you.

I operate Content How and we occasionally freelance for people on various website design and guest posting etc. We were on one of the freelance websites and won the bid on a nice sized project. This was to guest post on three websites. As soon as the job was awarded the negotiation starts.

Do What You Say You Are Going To Do

As you can see from our Strategy Guide we try to be simple in what we communicate. We always make sure we have an understanding and can over deliver to ensure the best client experience ever.

This is impossible when the rates are brought down and the workload is increased.

There is nothing free in this world except bad advice. So stop thinking you are negotiate a free 99 deal on something through a medium. A favor is done between those that have a relationship. Not on a site where I am trying to earn money for work done.

So we had to decline the drop in money and the increase in work. I thought for sure we would never get that job. Low and Behold we got it.

Sometimes You Get What You Wanted Unfortunately

So we make sure the communication of what is to be delivered and the milestones are set perfectly. We already knew for sure this was going to be a tough customer.

Then the nightmare begins.

We post the first post and almost with uncanny ability to get something for free he writes in changing the site he wants the post for. We tried to explain that we had already completed a portion of the work. He was not having it. He wouldn’t pay for post on anything but the new site.

We Are Already Working For Free – FACE PALM

So the story continues. Of course.

Once all three articles are posted on the correct sites he writes in and ask us to add three links per article to various pages of the site.

We can’t do this and he submits a ticket to have us not get paid basically.

Jumping to the end of the story.

We settle the dispute for half the payment mainly because we are nice guys and he leaves bad feedback on our rating. They really have us over a barrel there. We proceed to try to answer the bad feedback and post something bad about us again on another medium.

I see this escalating so we refund the money and leave the guy alone. He takes down the post on his own and we are very unexcited to ever freelance again.

He then clicks the button to hire us again…

The Rehire by the Guy That Just Screwed Me Button


The story here is epic. I couldn’t make it up if I wanted. The reality is that seller beware is our cautionary tale for every freelancer out there. We obviously didn’t accept the bid for the job and will never do work with him again.

When you are freelancing there are a few hurdles. Most unfortunately involve communication. There are those hurdles though that you can’t fix.

  • The client doesn’t understand and really needs you to teach him.
  • The client wants something way more valuable than what he can afford.
  • The client doesn’t want to pay and if he doesn’t he feels like it was a win.

Watch out for these three. Besides that, always make sure and communicate on a ten year olds level. It helps clarify everything for everyone. Clear descriptions and exact milestones for achievements.

Happy “Fee” Lancing!!!

Author: Will Robins