The Different Pros And Cons Of Instagram Marketing

The Different Pros And Cons Of Instagram Marketing

The 21st century is focused on the internet with all aspects of daily living being available online. Everyone wants to automatically get more instagram likes and turn those into sales.

A person is able to socialize online, earn money online, buy clothes online, even buy groceries online and have them delivered with a next-day delivery order. Consumers will spend hours surfing the ‘net landing on all types of websites; however, it is the social networking websites that are the most popular and influential. This is a fact that business owners and online retailers remember when developing online marketing campaigns.

When looking to attract more customers using online methods, companies will typically turn to social media platforms. The most popular at the moment include Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. While many companies choose to ignore Instagram considering it an unprofessional option that will not attract visitors, Instagram can be highly beneficial to a company. This article will provide information on the different pros and cons of Instagram marketing.

The Different Benefits To Using Instagram Marketing

1. Pictures Are Valuable

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is true for the majority of people. If you think about the concept carefully from a commercial perspective, you will discover that images are the most reliable means of promoting a product or service. When perusing online retail websites, you will find that there are various images of an item which contribute to a positive first impression.

When using Instagram as a marketing tool, you must embrace the concept of pictures being highly valuable. Instagram is, by definition, a social media platform for people to share pictures of their experiences; for example, a person will share a photograph of their latest travel destination or ‘MasterChef meal’. As a business, this can be highly beneficial as it provides an opportunity for you to show visitors the value of a product or service.

2. Going Viral

Without a doubt, one of the most beneficial aspects of any social media platform is the opportunity for something to ‘go viral’. If a website or idea goes viral, it is sent to millions of people in a single moment increasing the chance for a company to attract thousands of visitors and, hopefully, make money. For this reason, Instagram can be useful as you will be able to provide the image value of the product to the visitor and then allow the image to go viral. This will draw thousands of visitors to your site.

3. Less Work For You

As is mentioned, when one shares an image with the internet using Instagram there is the chance that the picture will go viral. Furthermore, when using Instagram, the followers of your Instagram account will do most of the legwork to help you achieve this viral status. This is beneficial in that you do not have to do a great deal of work after uploading a valuable image. Gain all the benefits without spending too much time or effort on marketing.

The Different Drawbacks To Instagram Marketing

1. A Younger Target Audience

When attracting new customers, it is important that you target a specific demographic relevant to your product or service. It makes no sense to share your information randomly on the internet and hope for the best. Of course, internet marketing strategies will help find the ideal target audience, and social media can be successful in growing a client base. Unfortunately, Instagram marketing is not the best option when searching for an older audience.

Statistics have shown that the average demographic using Instagram fall within the age range of 13-35. This is an approximation, but it can be concluded that the majority of Instagram users are teenagers and young adults. If you are interested in this target audience, then Instagram will be beneficial for your business; however, if this is not your ideal customer base then you should consider a different strategy.

2. Not A Professional Platform

While the use of Instagram marketing is growing in the business sector, the stereotype of Instagram remains an unprofessional one. Typically, a person will use their Instagram account to share personal pictures, follow their recent Hollywood crush, or waste time staring at images of puppies. It is rare that a person will surf Instagram as a means of finding new products to purchase.

Author: Will Robins