How To Survive Your Big Home Renovation


Undergoing a big renovation can be an overwhelming experience as a homeowner, especially if you have never been through one before. If you want to know how you can make the ordeal go by quickly and painlessly, here are some constructive tips.


Hire the Experts:

While it’s appealing to try to save some money by attempting home improvements on your own, it’s not always the wisest plan —some cosmetic improvements like tiling and painting are absolutely fine to try by yourself, while other tasks will be dicey. One example of a precarious home improvement is window installation because you run the risk of completing the task poorly, damaging your property and even hurting yourself. Instead of trying your hand at DIY, find a company like Golden Windows that can install the London replacement windows that they distribute — they have a certified installation team of experienced professionals that will make sure that the London windows are properly inserted and sealed. The company also shares a variety of suggestions and tips for home owners to read on their official website and blog so that they can be prepared for every aspect of the scheduled installation day. According to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, there are several other important jobs that you should hire trained professionals to complete for you:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Work
  • Gas Repair
  • Roofing



Protect Your Valuables:

One of the best tips that will help you survive a renovation is packing all of your things away like you are moving to a new house—place your large furniture in storage, put your décor in cardboard boxes and cover items in protective drop-cloths and tarps. Anything that you consider as a non-essential item should be collected in a neat container and put in a safe space. This precaution will protect all of your personal items from getting dirty or damaged during the renovation process — it will also organize the areas that renovators will need to be in, giving them a clear and unobstructed workspace.


Focus on the End Results:

The entire renovation process can go on for a very long time, especially if you have a big task list to get through. The experience can be genuinely frustrating as a homeowner because it is lengthy, expensive and usually inconvenient. You will get tired of hearing construction noises, making dinner without a real kitchen or washing your dirty dishes in the bathtub. Another one of the best secrets to surviving your renovation is to keep perspective and remember why you are going through this experience in the first place — try to remind yourself of what your reward will be when all of the hard work is finally complete.


Forest for the Trees

Along the lines of focusing on the end result, it’s important to also focus on the big picture of your home reno. For example, while redoing your kitchen it may be easy to try and block out the ‘extra’s that are available, such a whole house water filtration system. While you know that it’s a good product to have, the funds may not be there. Don’t stress, as there are lots of bottom loading water dispensers that can serve the same purpose. The point is, don’t get wrapped up in the small things, there is usually more than one option, and overthinking choices can just end up in stress!


It’s possible to endure a long home renovation when you have patience, perseverance and a positive attitude. Focus on the exciting results that are waiting for you just around the corner, whether that is an upgraded kitchen, a bigger bedroom or sets of brilliant new windows.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough