The Solo 2 is Everything You Wanted From a Vaporizer


The Solo by Arizer is an old classic that was recently upgraded and is being launched by the name of the Solo II. It’s exciting not only because its predecessor was such a huge success but also because of the features and dimensions the Solo 2 brings to the table as a product.

If you were a fan of the original Solo then it can be said that everything that you wished was better with the Solo 1 can be availed in the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer. That is, it’s everything that you wished your original Solo was. It has a better battery life, exact temperature control with digital display, faster heat up time.

Though only marginally smaller than the original Solo, you have to understand that it’s not trying to be the sleekest and slimmest vaporizer. Its merit lies in its performance.

The Solo 2 Quality

If the quality of vapor is your primary concern while selecting a vaporizer then rest assured that your need is more than taken care of with the Solo 2. With this one, a reliable model has been retooled to upgrade the experience so valuable to thousands of vaporizer users. The airflow of the unit in being less restricted is more free-flowing compared to the original Solo which in the new Solo does not give a sucking on milkshake sort of feeling.

The maximum temperature has been increased by 10 degrees compared to Arizer Air and the original Solo and is 220°C. The exact temperature control with digital display allows you to set the temperature anywhere between 50°-220°C.

More importantly, the Solo 2 takes less than 30 seconds (about 28 seconds) to reach its maximum temperature which is a lot faster compared to the original Solo that required a couple of minutes. The precise temperature control with integrated digital display and an increased maximum temperature signifies that it is easier and convenient to tailor your sessions to your choice of vapor quality.

More Great Features

The thin clouds formed at the lower temperatures perform fantastically at preserving the flavor of the herbs. The flavors at the highest temperatures are still pretty good, only feels a little cooked. At no point did the vapor feel harsh as the aroma tubes owing to its length can efficiently cool the vapor before it can reach the lips.

Hence, the hybrid convection or conduction heating keeping with its overall build quality which Arizer has come to be known for is quite efficient. It has a bowl capacity of 0.15 grams.

With 3 hours of battery life, double that of the original Solo and 4 times that of the Air, the Solo 2 is a vape worth having. The warranty on the battery is 1 year and 2 years on defects and workmanship but on the heating element its lifetime. Combined with this when you consider how easy the Solo 2 is to use, clean and maintain, you would want it for all the right reasons.

Author: Jeanne

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