Showing Customers You Care


Little things make all the difference in relationships. Saying thank you after each purchase is a good start when you want a customer to feel appreciated. But it’s also common courtesy. Showing customers you care goes far beyond proffering a rote thank you. You have to implement some next-level gratitude.

Consider these examples.

Special Recognition

Your customer of the month featured prominently on your site (with their agreement, of course), will feel particularly valued. Plus, they’ll attract the attention of casual visitors who might be inclined to try to achieve that status as well.

The qualifying parameters can be whatever you deem fit. Maybe they’ve hit a certain dollar amount. Maybe they’ve referred a certain number of other customers. Maybe they’re consistently singing your praises in social media.

Whatever it is, they’ll feel good about the recognition and your acknowledgment will attract other customers too.

VIP Treatment

Loyalty programs are a great way to show customers you care. However, if you go this route, your VIP loyalty program should provide tangible benefits specifically aligned with your customers’ interests.

Perks such as free shipping, price discounts, free gifts and advance notice of new products say you’re grateful for their business. What’s more, you care about them as people and you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure their continued satisfaction.

Ask For Their Opinions

Who’s better positioned to give you insights as to how you might enhance your customer service than your best clients?

Free website themes like those offered by Shopify make running customer surveys easy. Here’s the thing though; you must take their comments seriously when they weigh in. If they’ve made the time to provide you with feedback, it’s your responsibility to consider their advice and implement it—when it makes sense.

If they identify a truly flawed process and you fail to change it, you’re telling them their thoughts don’t matter.

Acknowledge Complaints Immediately

Broadcast executives believe one letter represents the thoughts of 10 people.

The other nine just didn’t bother to say anything.

If you have 10 shoppers upset with you about something and you just shine it on, they can become a thousand in a heartbeat. You could be vilified all over the world in a matter of hours if an unresolved customer complaint goes viral.

Conversely, shoppers really appreciate it when you listen to their complaints, respond with a genuine apology and take the appropriate steps to rectify the situation. This is particularly true when you respond right away.

Give Free Upgrades

Every frequent flier will attest to the joy they feel when they arrive at check-in to find an unexpected upgrade. It doesn’t even have to be into first class. As long as it’s a better seat than the one they paid for, they’re happy fliers.

If one of your preferred customers orders a medium, send them a large every now and then with a thank you note explaining why. If they order a mid-grade product and the high-end one isn’t that much more expensive, go ahead and hook them up. Just make sure they know it’s intentional and it’s from you.

Create Personalized Experiences

Address your premier shoppers by name in all direct communications. Send an e-card on their birthday and if you’re selling baby products, send a note on the child’s birthday too.

If they order something they’ve already bought, remind them of the previous purchase and confirm they’d like to buy it again before you charge their account. This says you’re looking out for them and you’re more interested in their wellbeing than making a buck off of their mistake.

These six actions will tell people you care about them and they can trust you to look out for them. Gestures such as these communicate concern for your patrons in definitive terms, which inspires continued loyalty.

Author: Lindsay Shearer

Lindsay Shearer is a global SEO Expert and serves as the Editor for, among other publication sites. She is the founder of a group of traffic generation programs at & and travels speaking on SEO & Entrepreneurship. She spent 10 years in mergers and acquisitions and has been driving massive online traffic for hundreds of businesses and brands for the last 15 years.