SEO for Attorneys – A High Return Methodology to Reach New Clients

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Attorneys spend most of their days mired in volumes of law and brief preparation. It can thus be difficult to spend time marketing to find that next client. While traditional methods of using billboards, TV commercials, and newspaper ads can be effective, they might not give law firms the best bang for the buck. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an advertising methodology that delivers extremely high returns on investments by targeting the most motivated potential clients.

SEO for attorneys is based on the idea of manipulating the Google search engine results in order to get the the firm’s website to the top of the listing. The most motivated and targeted client is the one who types in a search such as “divorce attorney Laredo TX” into Google. This person is only searching because he is looking for a lawyer, and chances are that is only going to look closely at the first three to five listings on the page. Any attorney in that locality that is not in that search result is missing out on potential business.

The firms that make it to the top of that list do not get there by accident. Google uses a proprietary mathematical algorithm to automatically generate those results. SEO experts who study this algorithm can manipulate it in order to put their clients at the top of the search engine. As a result, their clients get the most targeted free advertising in the world.

SEO firms will generally accomplish this in two ways. The first is by carefully constructing the website to automatically qualify it for ranking for specific high converting terms for the business. The use of high-quality keyword rich content, carefully selected meta tags, intensive internal linking, and a silo categorization structure all help sites to rank better in Google. Making the site mobile friendly and relatively fast also help given the current state of the algorithm.

The second part is promotion of the page off site. Google judges the authority of a site by the number of links and mentions it gets on other sites. So an SEO professional will attempt to build as many quality links and social shares in the most natural looking manner position to juice the algorithm to give the site a boost in the rankings.

It might take thousands and thousands of onlookers at a TV commercial or billboard to get one interested client. However, given the targeted nature of buyer keyword searches, it does not take a lot of incremental visitors to translate into a high paying client. For this reason, SEO for attorneys is widely considered to be the best return on investment marketing expenditure that can be made for a growing practice.

Author: Will Robins