Real Estate Is an Amazing Career that Fits Around Your Lifestyle


Becoming a real estate agent is a dream come true for thousands of people every year. Real estate is a growing industry and the profession attracts people from all kinds of backgrounds.

There are thousands of reasons to become a realtor or a real estate agent – probably as many as there are real estate agents out there. But some of the most common are:

  • Higher earning potential
  • Being your own boss
  • Making a career change
  • Earning passive income from rental properties
  • Creating your own schedule
  • The freedom to work full or part-time
  • Helping people and making them feel happy with their home
  • Learning about the housing market
  • Advancing in another real estate-oriented career

There are plenty of reasons to become realtor and these are just a few. Some may just love the idea of working with people, while others want a job where they’re out all day meeting people and showing houses instead of being tethered to their desk.

Who decides to become a realtor? Anyone and everyone, from stay-at-home moms to people looking for work to professionals who are already high-income and looking earn a passive income on rental properties. Cutting the fees on your investment is a great reason to earn your real estate license.

People may earn their real estate license to practice full-time as real estate agents, others only want to save money for themselves or work part-time while they raise their kids. A real estate license is so flexible because unlike many other professional credentials, it’s cheap and easy to earn.

Online real estate license schools like RealEstateU offer classes for as little as $99 in some states. Different states have different requirements for the length of the course, from New York’s 75-hour course to the 180 hours you would have to spend earning your license in Texas. Taking them online means you don’t have to attend classes at a set-in-stone time or place. You can take the courses at home, or anywhere, when it’s convenient for you.

If you want to get your real estate license in 75 hours, check out a real estate license school. They can walk you through the process of signing up for and completing courses, taking the proctored exam, registering to take the state real estate license exam, and finding a sponsoring broker. Your real estate license school should be a valuable resource you can rely on to learn more information and pass your state license exam.

There’s no one set of goals you should have before becoming a realtor. You can be young and looking to make six figures, or about to retire and looking for a way to earn some retirement income. Becoming a real estate agent is about finding a job that’s flexible enough to fit your life, not the other way around.

Sign up for online real estate classes today and start down the path of making your big career move. Real estate agents enjoy independence, high earning potential, and above all, the freedom to make their jobs work around their lives.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough