How To Protect Your Budget From Your Cell Phone Bill


While some parts of the world are blessed with cheap cell phone plans, others aren’t. Places like Canada, which has some of the highest ratesfor cell phones in the world, make it hard to find an affordable plan with all the features people want. In an attempt to keep their monthly plan low, they opt for limited data plans that can be tricky to follow.

If you don’t have unlimited data, you know how hard it can be to keep your monthly data usage below your cap. While your wireless carrier will try to get you to upgrade your plan and spend even more money, it’s not your only option. You can lower your reliance on data by following these simple, tech-savvy tips and save more money.


Determine how much data you use

According to the Canada Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Canadians use roughly 1.2 GB of data each month.You can check whether you match the national average by looking through your settings, at the “Data Usage” tab. This feature lets you see how much data you’ve used in past billing cycleswhile breaking down the data used on each app. Take some time swiping through this part of your phone. It’s a great learning tool for people who aren’t sure why they’re going over their data limits, as it will point out the apps that syphon the most data.


Figure out when and how these apps use data

Each app uses data differently. While some can greedily suck up gigabytes, others can stick to a modest diet of mere kilobytes. Apps that stream video or audio — so YouTube or the Stitcher app — tend to use the most data, but they aren’t the only ones. Check in with a guide like this one to see how common apps tend to use data.


Cut data guzzlers out of your life

Once you know the worst culprits for data use, it’s time to limit how you use these apps when you aren’t on Wi-Fi. If you don’t trust yourself to stay off these apps, you can restrict how much data each app uses. This will take some time, as you’ll have to go through each app’s setting menu individually, but it can be helpful if you need help limiting your time on these apps. Soon, the upcoming Android P OS will help you control your digital usage even easier.

Until then, you reduce how much data you use by planning your day properly. Prepare for the parts of your day when you’ll be without Wi-Fi for long periods of time by downloading a video or podcast, so you don’t have to stream your data.


Be prepared for mistakes

Despite your best intentions to cap your data, there will be moments that test your resolve. You might get lost on your trip to the cottage for the Canada Day weekend and be forced to run Google Maps for a lot longer than you anticipated. Or perhaps you mistakenly streamed the latest episode of My Favorite Murder when you thought you had it downloaded.

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If you live in a country that pays more for their basic plans than any other country, then you can’t afford to upgrade to one that includes unlimited data. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck paying data overage penalties for the rest of your life. Get to know how you use your data and use these tips to limit your reliance on it.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough