Product Development for ‘Non-Tech’ Owners

Product Development for ‘Non-Tech’ Owners

If you are a business owner, it is of utmost importance to develop your product the right way. Product development is a delicate task which needs utmost attention and is tested time and again to fit the market standards, as bad product development would cause huge losses to the owners.

Developing a product is a hard process without using technology such as IT support St Louis it takes its time and is slowly altered to fit the needs of both the owner and the market. To make sure that our product starts its journey in the market and sustain the product lifecycles, it is important that it goes through the development processes. Following are the stages which make sure that product development is flawless and is as per the requirements of the industry and the market. Being a non-tech owner, it is important to keep yourself lightly involved in the process.

Idea Generation

The process of product development usually start with the realization that a new product is needed, and then the brainstorming session starts on deciding what that product is going to be and how is it supposed to be worked upon. The idea could be generated internally, suggestions from colleagues are taken into view and discussed. The ideas are also generated by the help of market surveys, customer feedback. Market research and competition also act as strong sources for idea generation. Once an idea is generated, it is likely to search more about the idea selected.

Product Development for ‘Non-Tech’ Owners


Next up, the idea shortlisted are then researched upon. The market is searched and factors like the demand for the product, the acceptability of the product and the usage and frequency of usage are searched for and then compared with our own requirements. If both match we move on to the next step of the process. However, if there are needs for improvement, these improvements are made accordingly to facilitate the working and product development process.



This step allows your product to take shape, the team develops your product, and makes sure all the elements that were added, taken out, or altered during the idea generation and research stages are enabled in the product and that it is ready to be tested by the customers on trial basis.


Testing is when the now developed product meets live audience for the first time and the idea generated in the conceptualization phase is now present in its real form. The product is now checked for its flaws and utilities, this stage is very crucial, all the changes required in the product would be notified at this stage. This is considered to be the most expensive stage of the product development as the company aims to take as much of feedback as possible and spends a lot of money to make sure that their product is improved to a level where the likeability among the customers is maximized.

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As the product passes through the testing phase, it is analyzed for the last time and all the improvements are made to the product, in a way that the product offers value and is still likable to the masses in the market. It is important that the product goes through this final assessment and analysis as the next stage would involve the placement of the product to the masses for purchase, and would be sold to the customers.

Introduction and Placement

The product is now introduced to the masses by making use of marketing tools, be it digital marketing or the conventional ways of marketing the product, and is placed near the customers, in marts and marketplaces so that when a customer heads out to buy the product after receiving the introduction, he could buy the product without a problem, hence placement is very critical at this stage.

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If you are a Business owner who has no background with technology, you don’t have to worry about anything all you need to do is get the basic concept of the product, and the processes used in making the product.

Once this new product is developed, it is important to come up with a marketing strategy too to make sure that the newly developed product continues on to have a strong start. Such a strategy should be implemented in the best possible way to make sure your product development process is successful. Here is how you can make sure that your marketing strategy outperforms and returns with massive results.

Be quick in designing your Strategy

It is important that your customers identify the product to you and are fully aware of what your product does, and how it is better than the competitors or its previous renditions, and to what extent does it provides value to the customers.Product Development for ‘Non-Tech’ Owners

Make Use of Social Media

Once your product is out of testing phase of product development, it is a smart move to actively reach the masses and tell them about the product. Make sure that your marketing technique is interactive and the customer gets to know as much about your product as they can. It is also advisable to share marketing content on Facebook, and other social media applications and sites. This type of interaction would keep the product fresh in the customer’s mind and would help them to build anticipation till the product is actually launched.

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Be Open

It is important for you to be open to ideas and tips and tricks. Since your company should be the one talking most about the newly launched product, make sure you don’t ignore any review or advice within the organization about the product or how to market it in a unique way. This is important as a good idea may be originated from anywhere and may increase the chances of getting better tools to market your product.

Product Development for ‘Non-Tech’ Owners

Determine your Goal and Budget

The most important thing to make sure that your marketing strategy is a successful one is to fix the goals to be achieved from the strategy and then try achieving the same goals in a pre-set budget. This would also help you to control your costs which are already at a high, and make sure that your strategy is one which succeeded because of the preset goals.

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Following such strong strategies, and fixed product development processes, you as the owner of the business can make sure that the product development process is one that takes a lot of effort, and direct involvement of a lot of factors that may or may not be in control. Furthermore, it is important that the feedback received about the product, during the development phase is taken seriously and worked upon.

This feedback is extremely crucial to perfect your products for the customers. Since the customers don’t have a competitor for the newly developed product, it is important that the customer experiences the best of what that product could offer. This ensures that the customer would stick around and buy our product even after the availability of the similar products from the competitors.

Author: Will Robins