Optimum Altice – Revolutionary New Hotspots Plan

Optimum Altice - Revolutionary New Hotspots Plan

The Optimum Altice internet service provider has recently increased their inventory of services, and it’s earning them a lot of attention. As you might expect from an ISP, they provide multiple packages that include internet, television, phone, or any combination of those things. Some of their services are targeted at residential customers while larger bundles are designed for business clients. Those services are available via a separate branch of the brand known as Optimum Business.

If you are considering a mobile hotspot provider, then this is a perfect match. Let’s walk through some of the most asked questions about mobile hotspots and internet browsing in general.

HotSpot FAQ

  1. What is a Hotspot? Mobile Hotspot, What Are They? A hotspot is a device or a cell phone (usually a smartphone) that is allowing other devices to use its internet (data) as an internet connection. If you are “tethering” then you are connecting to the internet through the devices data connection. It is producing the hotspot, and you are connecting to the internet through it.  Think of it like Wi-Fi in Starbucks. Starbucks buys the internet, and you are just connecting through their router and modem. In this case, the cell phone or device is the “Starbucks.”
  2. How Do Mobile Hotspots Work? They work the same way the internet on a wifi router works. You connect to the smartphone or device to the 3G, 4G, or soon to be the 5G network. Then you “piggyback” into the internet by connecting to that smartphone or device, using it like you would a modem or router.
  3. Are Hotspots Expensive? Hotspots are not expensive if you select the right one. If you are using your cell phone as part of your hotspot, then you could be eating up data coverage with your cell phone carrier. You want to select an internet provider that will let you connect to other hotspots without using your cellular data.
  4. Are Hotspots Fast? Hotspots are typically as fast as the carrier they are through. They are typically slower than broadband internet. This is the same reason it is slower to be on Wi-Fi as it is to be directly on a LAN. Some are faster than others, and it is based on geography and carriers.
  5. Where Are Mobile Hotspots Founds? Where Are They Located? They can be located wherever you set up your device. They can also be found through various apps where people broadcast together to increase the signal. Bring Your Own Network (BYON) is an example of this type of network.
  6. Who Sells Hotspots? This question can be broken down in a variety of ways. Every cell phone carrier and internet service provider now has their own rendition of a Hotspot. You want to find the best network and service provider closest to you. I have Optimum and will tell you more about their features.

Optimum Altice Hotspot

A Massive Network Of Hotspots

The significant difference between the Optimum Altice internet service provider and some of the more well-known ISPs is they aren’t providing internet only through broadband connections. Optimum connects you to the web at home with broadband,  but also allows you to communicate with 1.5 million hotspots across the country. It’s ideal for people who like to travel a lot, but don’t want to lose their internet.

The ability to connect with hotspots puts Optimum Altice in a unique category of internet providers. There is one major competitor who provides a similar service, but they only offer access to roughly 400 hotspots in the area. In comparison, Optimum has more than 1 million. The speeds they offer are significantly higher as well.

New Optimum Speed Packages

Optimum Altice has recently begun offering multiple speed options for new and existing customers. Choosing the ideal speed for your internet needs means you pay only what you need for. There are five different speed options. The entry level is Optimum 10 with speeds of 10 Mbps. Next, there is Optimum 20, then Optimum 100, Optimum 200, and finally Optimum 400. The number at each level indicates the connection speed in Mbps.

Optimum 400 is perfect for large families, people who like to stream a lot of high-quality content, and small home-based businesses. If there will be devices playing online video games, streaming HD videos, backing up large file caches, or video chatting with colleagues, then Optimum 400 can support them all. It can simultaneously support more than 12 devices at a time. Even lower speeds like Optimum 100 can support online gaming and HD streaming, but they work best for less than six devices at a time.

Optimum Business For Entrepreneurs

In addition to the standard Optimum speed packages, entrepreneurs also have access to larger packages and contracts designed for businesses. Optimum is becoming the go-to source for companies in need of internet and telecommunications infrastructure. They offer a total of four unique packages designed specifically for businesses. Each package comes with a two-year service agreement.

If you are going to be sitting down on the internet at work. You should have the fastest speed available for sure.

The smallest option includes 150 Mbps internet speeds and phone infrastructure. One step above that is 150 Mbps internet, phone, and television. Next is 250 Mbps with phone service. Finally, there is a 450 Mbps option that includes phone service as well. Obviously, the correct package will depend on the size of your business and its data needs.

Overall, the new services added by the Optimum Altice internet service are great additions. That’s probably why they remain one of the largest broadband internet and cable providers in the country for residential customers and businesses alike. There are more internet speed options, new bundle packages, and new hotspots being added to their network all of the time.

Author: Will Robins