A sedentary lifestyle carries several health risks

There are numerous health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Not surprising, considering humans are meant to be physically active, with most health organisations recommending at least 30 minutes exercise per day. A sedentary lifestyle is not necessarily a result of laziness, but rather of career demands. Plenty of jobs require one to be stationed at a desk or spend most of the day driving a vehicle, for example. Indeed, a career which doesn’t involve sitting at a desk in front of a computer is becoming less and less common. A lifestyle whereby you find yourself seated most of the day has been linked to cardiovascular complications, increased risk of cancer, muscle degeneration, slower metabolic rate and subsequent weight gain. If you do have a job where you’re sat down for the majority of the day, ensure that you do fit some sort of exercise in your life. Whether that’s going to the gym, jogging, playing football or walking to and from work – exercise is vital for your health.

Relaxing techniques and yoga

Stand up and walk around for 5-10 minutes for every 30 minutes that you are seated. Under desk peddler machines, standing desks or treadmill desks are becoming more common in Western offices as they are a great way of fitting in some light activity whilst working. Besides that, it is recommended that you fit in 10 minutes of stretching or yoga in the morning or before you go to bed. Esports dieticians and coaches often recommend to esports athletes that they practice yoga and relaxing techniques when they are not gaming. The top esports players often spend around 10 hours per day sat in front of a computer screen.

Ensure your chair is fit for purpose

If you are sat in an office all day, you must ensure that your chair properly supports your back to avoid aches and pains. Not only is it uncomfortable for you each and every day that you’re in the office but it may cause more dangerous problems later on in your life. Never before have human being’s been so physically inactive and this is due to amount of jobs that require little to no movement. Even if you do have an uncomfortable chair, you can still ensure that your posture is upright. Slouching can have long-term effects on your spine and should be avoided.

Eat well

To be honest, no matter what job you have you should always eat well but for a job involving high levels of low physical activity, eating and drinking properly is especially important. Those with lifestyles that involve lots of sitting around naturally burn fewer calories so the danger here is of course gaining weight. Therefore, eating foods that are lower in calorie content will help fend off un-wanted weight gain. Foods that promote blood circulation are also vital, so eat plenty of food items like oranges, watermelons, salmon, avocado and dark chocolate.

Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water is of course good advice for anyone – no matter their activity level or lifestyle. Ensure that you avoid drinks with high sugar content – energy drinks, especially are a no no. The health benefits of drinking the commonly recommended two litres of water per day are numerous, and include better mental clarity, better digestion and healthier skin – drinking plenty of eater also makes the likelihood of developing kidney stones disease a lot less likely. The best way to remind yourself to drink enough water is simply by filling a large water bottle and keeping it within reach at all times. There are also several apps that can help you keep track of your water intake through the day.

Author: Will Robins