How New Board Portal Software Is Keeping Businesses Safe


The past 30 years have seen a revolution in communications rivalled only by the invention of the printing press and the telephone. We now have a plethora of options for information sharing, and it is taken for granted that large amounts of data can be sent and receivedinstantly, anywhere in the world.But these developments have also given rise to new risks: cybercrime now costs $600 billion USD every year worldwide, and keeping information safe is a huge concern for businesses and organizations of all sizes. While awareness about the dangers of cyber crime is growing every year, there are still many people who do not understand how vulnerable common, everyday tools are to attacks.


The IT departments of most organizations are responsible for keeping workplace communications secure, but board members represent a unique challenge. Because board members are often not themselves employees, they may not be using the same protected email servers while executing their duties. Sending information using unprotected personal email accounts or SMS leaves users extremely vulnerable to hackers — but these are often the tools board members are most comfortable with. So how is an organization to make sure its board members are protected?


Teaching board members to recognize the dangers of private email and SMS is the first step, but providing alternatives that are equally comfortable is just as important. Board members are busy people, and there will always be a temptation to default to the most convenient option. This is why you should consider adopting electronic solutions that make board communications easy while keeping them secure.


Board portal software is one of the most powerful tools available to businesses that want to guarantee secure communications without reducing convenience or functionality. Portals allow documents to be shared with board members quickly and confidentially, and may even include features that allow board members to discuss and annotate the documents via desktop and tablet apps. Not only does board portal software make it possible to ensure confidentiality and protect sensitive information, it also allows board members to access the information they need from their personal mobile device anywhere in the world.


One of the most popular brands of board portal software is Aprio, a Vancouver-based company specializing in solutions for corporate, Crown agency, and credit union boards.Aprio is currently the leader in board software technology for several reasons: not only is their product one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use on the market, they also offer extremely responsive support staff and a comprehensive training package, including one-on-one options. Companies like Aprio are reshaping how boards of directors communicate, and for a growing number of businesses portal software is the preferred solution to the problems of board communication in the digital age.


Recent data indicates that despite the new attention being paid to cyber security following large hacks and data breaches in 2016 and 2017, cybercrime poses an even greater threat in 2018. Facing these challenges head-on means being aware of every potential gap in protection and finding solutions that work.  Adopting board portal software is one of the best ways to ensure that boardcommunications are not only secure, but also convenient.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough