What You Need To Look For When Renting An RV In San Antonio


As you begin the process of renting an RV, one of the most important pieces of advice for you to follow is to actually investigate your options instead of simply buying the very first RV that you like, and this will require you to know what you need to look for.

Here are the things you need to look for when renting an RV in San Antonio, Texas:

Enough Sleeping Space

How many people are going to be coming on your trip? You’ll definitely want to have enough sleeping space for everybody, and you can’t count on the idea that some people can just sleep outside since it could rain.

Most RVs will come with at least one bedroom with a two-person bed, along with a sofa in the living space that should fold out into a bed as well. Other RVs may also come with a bed over the driving area, as well as an extra bedroom with bunk beds. Then, of course, there’s always the floor space itself.

Enough Storage Space

Besides sleeping space, you’re going to need plenty of storage space as well. Take note that you don’t have to buy a larger sized RV just because you think it will have more storage space, because even smaller to mid-sized RVs can have plenty of room to store items.

This is really something that you’ll want to inquire about when renting an RV, and it will help to make a list of everything you plan to bring a long as well. If you’re going to be bringing larger items such has bicycles or kayaks, for instance, you’re going to need a place to store them.

A Fair Price

According to Outdoorsy, the average price to rent an RV in the San Antonio area is approximately $172 a night. This means you shouldn’t expect to pay much more than that, if more at all, to rent an RV.

Besides the cost of the rental itself, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re getting a fair shake for the other rental expenses, such as the security deposit, the renter’s fee, and the cost of the RV insurance.


The higher priced RVs that are made these days can be quite luxurious, but obviously you’re not going to need all of those luxuries (especially if you’re on a budget).

That being said, there are certain amenities that you are most likely going to really need or at least really want (such as a bathroom, a TV, an indoor kitchen table, etc.), and you’ll want to confirm that the RV your renting has all of them before you sign papers.

Renting An RV In San Antonio

Each of the features that we have covered here today will definitely be things you want before you officially hit the road.

Author: Susan Melony