More MBA Grads Finding Work In Startup Sector


Earning a graduate degree in business is a good choice for driven professionals who are looking to improve their knowledge in a particular aspect of the business industry. Many MBA programs offer specializations that can help you move forward in your career, and these programs can give you the time as well as the educational resources to focus on your personal goals. If you’re looking to improve your career prospects and add a unique specialization to your resume, an MBA could be the next way to go.

Many startup companies are hiring MBA students straight after graduation so the degree can work as an entry point to be a part of something new, and these growing companies are often run by MBA graduates. There are many benefits to working with a startup company like personal autonomy while working, the opportunity to develop new skills quickly and the creative freedom that comes with the opportunity to help build a company.

The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics has a campus in Waterloo that offers a variety of specializations: Marketing,Accounting, Financial Management, International Business Management, Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship. The Integrated Core program allows students to review real-life case studies and to participate in personal and professional development programs while collaborating with individuals from a variety of academic backgrounds.

The school even offers an MBA in Entrepreneurship, a degree program that provides mentorship and resources to innovative students that have an existing business idea they want to make a reality. Entrepreneurial students are encouraged to apply with a business idea that they will have the opportunity to create and expand on while they complete their course work, and the courses will help them to develop an understanding of the process of starting a new business.

Entrepreneurs are attracted to Waterloo’s proximity to leading research institutions as well as the region’s reputation as a home to a community of original thinkers and a creative innovation culture. There are many coworking and shared office spaces in Waterloo that contribute to the development of a startup community by providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to network, not to mention a space for them to get their work done. The Communitech Hub is a space devoted to helping startup companies succeed and thrive by providing access to programs that help companies in various stages develop a brand that will allow them to compete in the global market.

Students can choose to pursue a full-time degree in Waterloo, or if they prefer to study part-time while staying employed in Toronto’s financial sector, there is a satellite campus located conveniently in the SunLife building. Part-timeMBA programs can be completed on your own schedule, with flexible courses that can be finished in as little as 2.3 years or extended to 5 years.

Startup companies are building their home bases throughout the Waterloo region as it is now being considered a central location for technology as well as the country’s newest entrepreneurial hub. These startup companies are growing fast and the entrepreneurs running these businesses benefit from the startup ecosystem and community culture that the Waterloo region has to offer.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough