Make Snacks That People Feel Good About Eating


A plate of plain celery sticks will never be as delicious as a slice of cake slathered in icing, but most people know that the second choice will make them feel guilty. It’s entirely possible for companies in the food industry to put together snack options that are tantalizing and sweet, without going overboard. These are three ways that businesses can adapt their recipes and make snacks that people love to eat.

Take Out The Gluten

According to experts in the food industry, one of the biggest dessert trends of 2018 is making products that directly cater to people with special dietary requirements, restrictions and intolerances. A popular restriction that needs to be addressed isa gluten-free diet, which caters to those with Celiac disease and IBS — it should be noted that most people who follow this regimen do this for lifestyle reasons and not for these medical conditions. Businesses should modify their recipes so that they offer at least one gluten-free product to reach this particular demographic. The company CCC Ingredients has a wide selection of gluten-free flours made of tapioca, rice and potatoes. After you have chosen the right replacements, you can browse through their online portfolio to see what other new options for bakery ingredients you can acquire for your business to attract more buyers and make people feel happy whenever they snack. The company has a variety of high-quality ingredients sourced from industry leaders around the world, including the top pastry ingredients suppliers and cake ingredients suppliers.

Swap Milk Chocolate For Dark

In comparison to its lighter and sweeter counterpart, dark chocolate has health benefits like cocoa flavanols that can lower blood pressure and improve overall cognition — it also has plenty of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Pick a chocolate with 60% to 75% cocoa to get all of the positive health abilities of the ingredient, without making the product too bitter. This switch will appease chocolate-loving consumers and let them enjoy their afternoon snack without having any guilt.

Think Of Bite-Sized Portions

Diet culture has changed over the years, moving away from a mantra of sacrifice into a movement that espouses the importance of balance. Denying yourself sweet and salty snacks that you like will encourage you to have a tumultuous relationship with food. Now, consumers are squeezing sweet snacks into their healthy lifestyles, focusing on moderation instead of cutting out their favourite treats altogether. Businesses in the food industry are innovating baked goods by appealing to the desire for smaller portion sizes while maintaining the high-quality of the flavours and ingredients — think of items like granola bars, bite-sized brownies, cake pops or cupcakes. These are products that will satisfy someone’s afternoon sugar-craving, without feeling like an overindulgence.

People should be free to munch on a treat during their coffee break and not feel like they are ruining their diet. They can have snacks in moderate sizes with specialty ingredients so that they can feel physically and emotionally satisfied with each bite.


Author: Ryan Yarbrough