How To Increase Business to Business Websites Conversions {Musts!}

B2B Conversions

A major issue that business to business(B2B) websites have with their inbound marketing campaigns is enhancing their conversion rates. It can be hard enough to get the people you want to visit your site, but securing the leads and converting them into clients is an entirely new challenge.

If you are wondering where you may have gone wrong regarding increasing your conversion rate, then these several strategies are a few that you can implement on your site as well as landing pages today.

Create Offers that Make Sense

Here is something that you can be familiar with- your fire up your favorite search engine, type something on the search bar, and click one of the first several result links. That site may answer your query, if lucky, but most of these sites have inappropriate ‘call to action or offers on the page that gives no value to you.

For instance, if you are trying to troubleshoot how to fix a blocked drain, it’s unlikely that you would click on a call to action that offers 15% off that site’s brick engraving. However, you may click on a site that offers an eBook or a free white paper that takes you through the entire process of properly fixing the plumbing issue.

Creating an offer on your facebook page as well as a website is easy. Make sure your funnel and offers are all on point with the customer as well.

Other Call to Action Tips

Consider making offers that are time sensitive. Having an urgency sense can increase your lead volume by over 45%.

When creating a call to action, try and present two offers at the same time. This can increase your conversion rate significantly.

Also, use photos thoughtfully. Having, for instance, a human face’s picture that is looking towards the call to action can help direct the visitor to that offer.

Tweak Your Landing Pages

The offers that you display need to make sense in terms of where the majority of people coming to that landing page are in the purchasing cycle. One of the best ways to measure your landing pages‘ results is to perform a regular AB split testing. Test several variables on each of the pages to know what elements play the biggest role in conversions, like Call to Action placement, Offers, Colors, Tone, Messages and even button sizes.

Ultimately, you will be able to determine what works and what does not as well as how you can tweak your online marketing strategies. Try having a help desk appear on the landing page and polling people about what they are looking for when they found the page. The help desk live chat software like Zopim or Intercom can pop up in the lower corner of your site.

You can also diversify the payment methods your business takes as a test.

Plan your Pages with the Buying Cycle in Mind

it is well worth any company’s time to conduct an audit of their site to know what pages are most visited by people and what specific niche or industry they are in and finally, what stage of the purchasing cycle they are in.

Once you have ideal CMS software as well as analytics in place, you will be able to see who is visiting your webpages and at what stage of the buying cycle. Once you obtain that information, you can then begin to place offers on those pages that are ideal for those visitors. This will substantially result in an improvement in the lead conversion rate and eventually in customer conversion rates.Choose CMS For Website

Shorten the Forms

The number one step of getting any visitor to convert is getting their contact information. This is the most likely and simplest way that business to business websites can do this is through forms. You may or may not be surprised to discover that a lot of people click on your offers, but as soon as they what the form is asking from them, they back off. This usually happens due to two reasons:

The form is too long, or it asks for information that they feel is too personal to reveal to a business that they are unfamiliar with.

All you need to ask at first is their first name and an email address. Once they progress through the purchasing cycle, you can then ask for more detail information like their last name, address, phone number or even what country or state they live in. When they start to trust you, they will be more likely to tell more about themselves.

As a general rule of thumb, always position the forms above the fold on your site and landing pages if you really want to increase business to business websites form conversions.

Show Social Proof

Authentic reviews are usually trusted just as more as recommendations made by friends and family. If people see others doing something, they figure that it’s trustworthy. Otherwise, why would they be doing it? This form of validation can be quite important in terms of buying motivation. So, add social proof to your site by including things like reviews and testimonials to your blog and social media pages.

You have to prove your business’ credibility for customers to trust you.

Track Your Data

Without data being tracked you don’t know if your conversions are happening and at what percent your click-through ratio vs. conversion is. Knowing your numbers are the most important factor in determining what to implement next. Setup Google Analytics and start tracking your conversion right away.

There are two sides of conversion optimization. The technical side and the positioning side. You have to have both in sync in order to build a great salesfunnel and convert prospects. Retargeting and leading people to a funnel that doesn’t convert doesn’t do anything but burn money.

Author: Will Robins