Important Steps To Make The Air In Your Home Clean


You may have noticed that your skin is always cracking or that your throat gets scratchy whenever you spend a lot of time at home — these problems happen because the air is dry, dusty and unhealthy to breathe. If you want to fix this situation, here are three simple steps that you should take to purify the air inside of your home.

Step One: Look At Your Windows

One way to immediately improve the stagnant and dusty air is to open up windows in every single room so that the fresh air circulates and replenishes the whole house. You should also check for issues that could impact your air quality like frequent window condensation — this can be the catalyst for bigger problems like mould growth and moisture damage. If you want to learn how to recognize and combat these issues, you should look to Toronto window replacement experts like Casa Bella Windows & Doors for help. They have been in the business of distributing and installing high-quality windows and doors for over sixty years. Visit their official website to find home improvement news and information about how to correct the condition of your windows and deal with problems like poor air quality, condensation, black mould and more.

Step Two: Clean The Entire House

Your indoor air quality gets worse and worse the more you let dust, dirt and odors build up and neglect to eradicate them, so give your home a thorough clean. One of the quickest ways to improve air quality is to use a vacuum to collect all of the dust in the house and dispose of it — a broom and dustpan will not be as convenient, speedy or effective. If you want to get rid of dust, you have to work over every corner of the house where it could be secretly collecting — look on top of ceiling fan blades, on windows, and in fabric-covered areas like carpets, rugs, upholstered couches and chairs.

Step Three: Get Lots Of Plants

The ultimate way that you can keep your indoor air fresh is to fill as many rooms of your home as you can with plants. These will produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, as long as they are watered and well-maintained. The purifying process will not be effective with bouquets of cut flowers, so be sure to choose plants that are alive. If you don’t have any favourite flowers or shrubs in mind, here is a list of the most popular houseplants for improving indoor air quality and boosting the atmosphere of your home:

• Aloe Vera
• Spider Plant
• Gerbera daisies
• Snake plant
• Azaleas

After you are done completing these three important steps, it’s essential that you keep this level of air quality. Forgetting to ventilate with your windows, allowing dust to build-up or letting your potted plants dry out will put you back in the same unhappy position — you can easily maintain this routine so that your indoor air is as pure as it possibly can be.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough