How to Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool


Integrating Social Media as a marketing tool with other marketing tools can bring in multiple benefits such as bringing brand recognition, increasing inbound traffic, reducing marketing costs, communicating with peers and attracting and connecting with the customers to name a few.

Worldwide availability and access to the Internet have changed the look of how people share information. Social Media as a marketing tool is nothing but a low-cost marketing platform to connect, collaborate and publish content, images, videos, etc.  

Social Media Platforms

Today, there is an expansive range of options available to use Social Media as a Marketing Tool. Users can use the freely available Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. to suit their individual requirements.

While Facebook has been a dominant tool, the industry has seen increased number of options over the years.

Leveraging Social Media as a Marketing Tool

The first step in leveraging benefits of Social Media is identifying thereby, maximizing the benefits for your business goals. While Social Media has changed the fundamentals of connecting on individual levels, it has also changed the way corporates promote themselves. A well-organized promotional drive helps businesses by:

  • Engagement: When used effectively, the public platforms work as a relationship manager, providing an identity of products and services, making you real to the consumer and optimizing communication.

  • Brand Personalization gives you a voice to spread the brand message in a relaxed and conversational manner.

  • Inbound Marketing: Using, one can create a high-impact content, increasing incoming traffic.

Effectiveness of Using Digital Media in Promotional Activities

While everyone from start-ups to small and medium enterprises to big corporates is using digital platform for marketing, it is worth looking at the impact of social media on generating value for the business. Social media facilitates two-way communication, thereby encouraging idea exchanges and collaborating on implementation.

Success rate and effectiveness of Social Media Marketing depends on:

  • A Proportionate mix of Visuals and Words: A word is worth a thousand words and it adds an appealing quality to your content. Use appropriate visuals to complement the words. You may choose to hire the best content marketers for this purpose.

  • Using an appropriate platform: Familiarizing yourself with different platforms will give you an insight on the site users. This, in turn, will give you an idea of where your target audience is. Use the platform based on your requirements for maximum benefits.

  • Customize the Content: Customize your content as per the platform used. A compelling content will adapt according to the readers creating a better connect and higher reliability, leading to more conversions.


Use of Social media as advertising, marketing, and an informative tool is widely accepted across all business sectors for generating higher revenues at low costs.

Author: Will Robins