How to Take Your Everyday Basic Look to Full Glam for a Special Event

How to Take Your Everyday Basic Look to Full Glam for a Special Event

Summer is notorious for special events and gatherings, especially considering it is “wedding season” which means your odds of being invited to a summer wedding are pretty high. Whether it’s a wedding you’re attending, a night out with the gals, or a romantic weekend away with that special someone, sometimes it can be nice to take your everyday rather basic look to something more glam. This doesn’t mean you need to do a wardrobe overhaul, or make drastic changes to your hairstyle, often it’s about those special little touches.

How to Take Your Everyday Basic Look to Full Glam for a Special Event

Here we’ll take a look at some steps and tips you can use that will help you achieve a more glamorous look that is perfect for the next event you attend.

Draw Attention to Your Eyes with Lash Extensions

When deciding what area of your face to highlight in your makeup look, often the eyes are the best feature to draw attention to. It’s said your eyes are the window to your soul, so why not play up on this theory and really make them pop! One way you can do this is with eyelash extensions.

These are semi-permanent lashes that are professionally applied one at a time. They are glued to your actual lashes to give a fuller and longer look to your existing ones. Typically these eyelashes last anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending on how careful you are with them. During that time, they will start to fall off until they are all gone.

Before you go ahead and get them done, it’s a good idea to do research on local eyelash extension studios and make sure you’re going with a reputable professional. Booksy is a great way you can find salons in your area. Simply type in what you’re looking for followed by the city, for example eyelash extensions, and you’ll be given a list of possibilities. You can also find information on pricing, reviews, and even a rating from customers.

Experiment with Contouring

While you don’t get to choose the face shape you are born with, you certainly don’t have to be a slave to it. Thanks to contouring, you can actually change the shape of your face with the power of makeup. Contouring can help to slim areas of your face, provide angles, and help to make your best features pop. It can be a bit tricky for beginners however, so it’s a good idea to experiment and play around before the big event.

You’ll find a number of online videos and tutorials dedicated to all things contour-related. Many will also take it a step further and include bronzer and highlighter in the tutorial for that polished look that is ultra-glamorous. Just because you weren’t born with a chiseled jawline and high cheekbones, doesn’t mean you can’t create the look with the help of contouring.

How to Take Your Everyday Basic Look to Full Glam for a Special Event

Add Volume and Length to Your Hair

Have you ever wondered how celebrities have such thick, voluminous, and long healthy locks? Sure, they have a team of professionals helping them, but they also use a trick that anyone can make use of. Hair extensions can be your very best friend when it comes to your next event. Today you can find a variety of clip in style extensions in a wide range of colors, lengths, and styles making it possible for you to find the perfect match.

Extensions are able to add thickness to your hair, make your own hair appear healthier and shinier, and of course they add length so that you can try different styles that your own hair may not be long enough to achieve. The best part is that it’s a temporary fix, so as soon as your event is finished, just unclip them and store them for the next use.

Create the Illusion of a Fuller Pout

While lip injections may not be something you’re interested in, most women would love to have fuller, plumper looking lips. The great part is that makeup can once again help you to alter what you were born with and amp it up. Proper placement of lip liner, using a clear and shiny gloss, and picking the correct lipstick color can all work together to achieve a full and beautiful pout.

Sticking with nudes is usually the safest best as it will look the most natural, and it will go with any makeup look and outfit. Now keep in mind nudes can be in the brown, peach, or pink family. You want to pick one that is the color of your lips but “better”. In other words, just a shade or two darker than your natural lip color.

Buy the Right Size

Clothing is another area you can focus on, as it really sets the tone of your look. You could spend a small fortune on a bran- new outfit by a hot new designer, but if you don’t buy it in the correct size, then it’s not going to be flattering. Making sure you are buying clothing in the right size is key to ensuring it looks the way it is intended too.

People often make the mistake of buying items that are too tight or too loose, and then wonder why it doesn’t look right on them. If you’re having problems figuring out your correct size, ask the sales person to help you out.

The Proper Underpinnings

Another thing that women often complain about before a big event is that they’d love to lose weight before that date. While there is nothing wrong with trying, the proper underpinnings or under garments can give you that slimmed down look even if you don’t have time to lose weight.

Plenty of Ways to Amp Up Your Look

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways you can amp up your look and go from everyday drab to glam without having to overhaul anything. Not only that, but most of these tips can also be used in an everyday setting, which is great if you’re trying to look more polished in general.

Author: Will Robins