How to Fill Your Time When in Japan on Business


While it is often difficult to start a business as a foreign entity in Japan, the country does welcome international business and partners with some of the world’s leading corporations. Whether you are in Japan as a rep from Europe, Australia or North America, you will want to spend recreational time while you are there on business. You know what they say about “all work and no play.” Here is some of what you can do in this amazingly hi-tech nation.

How to Fill Your Time When in Japan on Business

Enjoy World Famous Japanese Steak Houses

If there is one thing Westerners have come to appreciate, it would be Japanese beef. Oddly, it wasn’t until quite recently that Japan became so widely known for some of the world’s tastiest and most tender steaks. Many Western steak houses attempt to serve beef in the Japanese way but most fail for one very good reason – the quality of the beef itself. In Japan, cows were not raised as a food source and so they haven’t been fattened “like a cow to the slaughter.”

Cows in Japan eat a natural diet and graze on lands they have fed on for centuries. With so many countries adding weight to their cows with unhealthy food additives and hormones, it’s a sheer delight to eat steak that has a disproportionate amount of fat. If you do nothing else, you must enjoy steak in the Japanese tradition.

Place a Few Bets Now that Gambling Is Legal

Although gambling is legal now in Japan, the country has yet to see the first of its three legal land-based casinos open its door to a business. However, there are several online casinos popular among the Japanese and you can easily find an online casino in Japan by asking the concierge in your hotel to give you the URL of some of the most popular sites enjoyed by the Japanese.

Here, you should probably know that the government hasn’t gone so far as to legalize online gaming, but that is only for businesses. Online gambling in Japan doesn’t mean that players will be taxed with a heavy fine, but Japanese casinos are still not allowed to host an online casino. As a result, you will most definitely find that Japanese gamers are more than happy to tell you about multi-national online casinos they personally frequent.

How to Fill Your Time When in Japan on Business

Visit Some of the Countries Most Popular Historic Sites

There is no way to adequately tell you about all there is to see and do in a country with a tradition as long and rich as that of Japan. However, having said that, you must visit some of the remnants of WWII, centuries-old temples and then you might want to tour some of the more recent areas of Tokyo that have become so technologically advanced that other countries fight to keep up with Japanese innovation.

Whether you feel like getting out and about in a country where little is posted in English or would rather sit back in quiet luxury in your hotel playing a game of online Poker, don’t let that trip go by without taking a little time to enjoy Japan as the Japanese do. Don’t know how? Ask them. The Japanese are happy to share their love for this island nation, its traditions, and the favorite pastimes.

Author: Will Robins