How To Convince Skeptical Employees to Embrace New Technology

skeptical employee

Technology in a business organization is great in theory, but what happens when your employees aren’t willing to embrace it? What happens in a lot of companies is that new technology or software is implemented, but employees are reluctant to use it, so it ultimately falls by the wayside.

Implementing new tech or software in business can’t be successful unless the employees are on board and are ready to maximize its features.

So how can you get skeptical employees to embrace something new, whether it’s new tech equipment or a software platform?

Make It Personal

The mistake a lot of organizations make with the rollout of new tech or software is that they don’t make it personal to the employees. They might, for example, make the business case for expense management system software when introducing it, and highlight how it will strategically help the profitability and efficiency of the company, but they don’t connect the dots as to how employees will benefit.

In this example, you would want to highlight how it could improve the efficiency of specific employees, and make their jobs and work lives easier. You have to be concise when you demonstrate to employees how something new is going to impact them positively.

When it comes to personalizing your sales pitch, make it about benefits, rather than focusing on features. Highlight specific needs the new technology fills, and give them a real world context for the impact its use will have.

Go With Scalability

Even tech-enthusiastic employees are going to be turned off by new software or products if they feel like it’s complicated and too difficult to use.

To remedy this, select cloud-based options that are scalable. You can start simply with basic, to-the-point features, and then move on from there as your employees become more comfortable with general features and functionality.

Invest in Custom Training

Your employees are all unique individuals, and they will want and need training that speaks to their individualities. You want to make sure that if you’re investing in new technology, you’re also investing in training to go along with it.

Training needs to be targeted and customized. For example, you might want to offer both on- and offline options that employees can choose from.

Build a Team of Influencers

A big part of convincing skeptical employees to embrace change is about getting them excited and enthusiastic.

Create a network of employees or company thought leaders who can serve as cheerleaders and champions for the new introduction. Get them onboard and well-trained so they can serve as spokespeople for the software or tech and why it’s so beneficial.

You want to choose people who aren’t just enthusiastic but who also are good communicators and have the ability to network and reach out to employees across departments.

Finally, incentivize employees not just to use new software or tech, but to really make the most of it. You can make it fun and provide recognition for those employees who are putting it to best use. This is often a better approach than penalizing employees for not using it.   

Author: Susan Melony