Either you are planning to change career or start your own business, you are not the only one to have these entrepreneurial thoughts. Take this company, for example, they serve their audience with large bean bag chairs. Most of the youth and even grownups these days prefer to be their own boss by having their own startups. Many people think that the job they want doesn’t exist, or they were not made for a 9-to-9 faceless corporate slavery. These people have the potential and passion to work on their own ideas.

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To have an innovative business idea and the thought of working remotely and freely on your own with passion doesn’t qualify you to be an entrepreneur. No matter how cool it seems to have a startup these days, it’s not how it sounds.

Today, many young people with “wantrepreneurs” thoughts are getting into the startup world. They think that they will get what they want as soon as starting something new. For many kids these days, entrepreneurship is just another way of being cool and it underlies in the same circle of activities like yoga, keto diet or Burning Man. Starting a business might sound cool and glamorous with the freedom to earn as much as you want. But in reality, the whole process is sweaty, stressful, and unglamorous and comes with the chances of not becoming a millionaire any soon. Before entering into this fascinating world of entrepreneurship, first, you need to be clear that what you are truly aiming for and are you confident and passionate enough about your business idea? Or it’s just your current job or the boss that you don’t like and think you can get better than this.

Fantasy of Living-the-Life Choice

Another important entity that has played a great role in blowing the desire to get into the entrepreneurial world is social media. With the newsfeeds and snaps of entrepreneurs showing the rest of the world the sugary image of living-the-life and work freedom makes people think that this is what they want. These pictures and stories are just a tangential part of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone shows the actual haven’t-slept-for-days and keeping-shoulder-to-the-wheels aspects of their entrepreneurial journey.

What Does It Require?

The key to becoming a successful entrepreneur in 2018 is early planning, motivation, and strength of overcoming hurdles. People who have a clear vision, the ability to start from scratch, remaining focused and determined, connecting the dots in creative ways, dealing with stress and improving their skills and strengths over time are the most suitable candidates to be in entrepreneurship.

These people as soon as they think of any strategy, start focusing on how to shape it in the real world. Entrepreneur’s sense of satisfaction gets more powerful and fulfilling when they bring something into existence and start seeing their dreams transforming into reality.

If you’re one of those people who have clear roadmaps and targets, built milestones and planned business strategy for upcoming years, then this can be your great start to be an entrepreneur in 2018.


We are indeed, in a time of unprecedented and extraordinary opportunities. Even though the global community is facing many issues, but today you can have much reason to be optimistic. Your vision and goal will help you to tackle everything inside and outside of the business. Holding a meaningful and strong vision and to be subservient to it, will help you grow not only your business but also your skill-sets.

The first step in your entrepreneurial journey is to admit the fact that if your current circumstances are dissatisfactory no one else can fix them but you. Change only happens when you stop blaming others and make a conscious decision to take stand on your own.

These are few tactical skills you can utilize to be a successful entrepreneur in 2018.

Communication Skills

When communication lacks clarity, purpose, and impact, it can quickly take your business from vertical to horizontal. An idea of a new product or brand breathes and revolutionizes around effective communication. Remember Steve Jobs, part of being a creative genius and innovator, he was indeed a powerful communicator.

Your Personal Branding

When jumping into startups and new business ideas, the tenure doesn’t matter as much as your personal brand. How you glean your online presence, embrace the message about yourself, create your circle of followers and customers will influence your professional reputation. Entering the market with the strong personal brand will leave a great impact.

Financial Management

The key to success in both your professional and personal life is the right knowledge and experience of managing and growing your finances. Lacking in ability to manage finance can lead you to the risk of unsustainability, bankruptcy and regretting to get back to the full-time job. Learn discipline and prudence to help you deal with the strategies to keep pushing your business in the right direction.


At the beginning of any business, the first challenge an entrepreneur has to face is the connection building with the audience, for which empathy is the key. Understand and identify their problems and giving them the required response will genuinely link you with your customers. The deficiency of market empathy is one of the leading factors of startup failures.

Strategy Formulation

Your impulsive behavior and continuing without a clear plan of action wouldn’t let your business survive in the market in 2018. Having a strategy for long-term goals, counting other distractions and design to overcome them, will help you survive your career and business. You should start by breaking down bigger goals into small mileposts which will lead to major achievements over time.


The most important aspect of any business is sales. No matter how excellent your craft is, or how zealous you’re about your idea or the team you have got, if your brand can’t sell itself it’s not going to last long in the business world. If you need more funds, you have to sell your idea to the investors, in a way that it makes sense to them.

Faculty Sourcing

Since you can’t always be a one-man army for your projects, eventually you will require other people to join you in achieving the targets. Keep your eyes open and vision clear while hiring new sources or else you will end up draining your energy and budget too without producing any value in return.

Failure Management

Most of the entrepreneurs miss the mark with their startups because of the inability of handling stress and failures. Stress can be devastating and failures take a while to get over, but like many other careers, businesses also face loses and failures much time.

Author: Will Robins