How To Alleviate Financial Stress and Improve Your Health

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Many people say they’re stressed about the state of their finances for all kinds of reasons ranging from the fact that they feel they have too much debt, to not being able to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

The effects of financial stress are far-reaching, and stress in general can increase your chances of everything from heart attacks to stroke and many other conditions.

Stress related to money and financial issues can wreak havoc on nearly every other area of your life, but there are ways to remove some of the financial-related stress you experience and improve your health at the same time.

Empower Yourself

Some people think that by running from the reality of their finances they’ll alleviate stress, but quite the opposite tends to happen. The more you know, the more empowered you’ll feel, even if everything isn’t always good news.

First and foremost, make sure you regularly check your credit report and know what you have coming in each month versus what’s going out.

You should also start learning about key financial terms and knowing more about the financial world in general. For example, even if you’re not currently invested in the stock market you might want to start following some of the best financial charts. This will help you arm yourself with the knowledge to make better financial decisions.

Make A Budget

A lot of people think they only way they can reduce their stress related to finances is to make more money, but that’s not true. A good thing that you can do no matter how much money you have or don’t have is to make a budget.

When you make a budget, it’s going to make you feel more in control of your spending and your money.

You’ll also have a clearer idea of potential spending mistakes you’re making that you could change. Making a budget shouldn’t feel burdensome or restrictive. It should feel like you’re in control of your money decisions.

Live Below Your Means

Living bellowing your means might not sound fun or glamorous, but living above your means is what’s going to continue causing you financial stress.

If you can afford something but you don’t necessarily need it, skip it. Make it a goal to skip or eliminate one unnecessary expense each month. This is a way not just to save money, but again to give yourself the sense you’re in control which can help reduce anxiety in general.

Create Small Goals

A lot of people set financial goals that they’re not going to be realistically able to achieve. Instead of doing that, set very small incremental goals each week or month. This is going to help you reduce stress, and you’re going to be able to work your way up to achieving bigger goals.

Ultimately the key to reducing your stress related to money is to take back control. This doesn’t require you have a bigger income. Instead, it requires you to change your habits and also your mindset about how you spend and save money.

Author: Susan Melony