How CBD Oil Is Revolutionizing How Athletes Recover


The popularity of cannabis and its continued legalization in a number of industrialized states has made CBD oil a trusted part of many athletes’ recovery routines. The long-term impacts of CBD oil treatment aren’t yet fully understood, but there are convincing reasons to believe that athletes can bolster their overall recovery process with the help of CBD oil that soothes their inflamed muscles and helps them sleep more easily.

Here’s how CBD oil is revolutionizing how athletes recover after a hard day at the gym, and why future Olympians may be relying on cannabis-derived treatment solutions sooner rather than later.

CBD can soothe your burning muscles

For athletes who are familiar with a burning sensation that’s the natural consequences of over-inflamed muscles, CBD oil can offer a soothing sensation that’s unmatched in quality and availability by almost any other mainstream option. While it’s true that the legally-sketchy nature of cannabis in a wide number of areas still makes it an impossible choice for many athletes, others who are in more tolerant areas are discovering that there are other uses to cannabis besides getting high off its psychoactive ingredient THC.

As a matter of fact, droves of athletes are now throwing their Ibuprofen away and switching to CBD oil, which promises to help them get back on the field after a suffering from inflamed muscles that could hamper their ability to bring home a win for the team. The number of athletes currently using CBD oil is unknown, and it’s likely we won’t have reliable data on that front for years to come, but it’s indisputable that a growing tide of athletically-minded individuals are flocking to CBD treatments thanks to the positive outcomes they produce. Some big name athletes are also getting onboard the CBD express, which is improving the prospect of CBD oil becoming a mainstream treatment within our lifetimes for a wide variety of issues.

A list of top athletes already using CBD oil is worth perusing by those who doubt its immense potential. While some argue that CBD oil is only being used by a small handful of athletes who don’t take sports seriously, nothing could be farther from the truth; as a matter of fact, some NFL stars have found autoflower cannabis CBD oil to be a potent means of revolutionizing their recovery process. NFL linebacker Derrick Morgan, for instance, has harnessed the power of CBD oil to deal with the chronic pain he suffers due to injuries sustained on the field and in training.

Other members of the NFL, like Super Bowl champion Leonard Marshall, have also helped turn CBD oil from a mistrusted snake oil into a relied upon remedy for professional athletes. The sponsoring of CBD oil by these celebrity athletes can’t be underdiscussed, as it’s seriously helping propel CBD oil to mainstream popularity by introducing it to an audience that would otherwise be skeptical about its impacts.

CBD and concussions

One of the most promising ways by which CBD oil is revolutionizing how athletes recover involves concussions, which have historically been one of the greatest plagues on professional sporting in any country. Nobody wants to see a star athlete develop a traumatic brain injury due to blunt trauma they suffered from in the midst of a big game, yet concussions are a terrifying consequence of NFL stardom that literally dozens if not hundreds of former superstars have been forced to grapple with.

Thanks to the power of CBD oil, that may soon be changing, largely because medical researchers believe that CBD oil could help the NFL solve its concussion problem, though that would also demand that the organization address its ongoing cannabis crisis. Before CBD oil can be widely leveraged by sporting authorities to crack down on injuries and deaths, it must become legitimate in the eyes of the public and undergo thorough research to uncover its long-term impacts.

MMA fighters and other professional athletes will continue to demonstrate the amazing potential of CBD oil regardless of its legal status, though, so don’t think that the future of sports medicine rests in the hands of legislators who are anti-cannabis. Popular MMA fighters like Nate Diaz have ensured that CBD oil treatments are widely known amongst major athletes and their fanbases, so we can expect to see CBD oil revolutionize the way that athletes recover from harsh blows for years to come.

Be careful about your diet

Athletes interested in CBD oil should understand that CBD foodstuffs are still largely misunderstood and outlawed by the FDA, so you should be careful about your diet even if you want to join in on the CBD oil trend. Concentrated oils are popular because they’re relatively affordable, available, and easy to apply, yet CBD-infused foodstuffs could continue to enjoy commercial success despite their outlaw status for years to come. Some habits are simply too hard to break.

Athletes should be careful about sourcing their CBD oil, and should be very careful about consuming illegal and understudied CBD foodstuffs. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that CBD oil’s ability to treat severe inflammation while helping athletes solve their sleeping issues is going to make it a huge part of sports medicine in the future, however. Regardless of its many critics, cannabis continues to demonstrate a serious potential to upend the world of professional athletics, and CBD oil is only the latest means by which the plant is revolutionizing athletic recovery.

Author: Ivan Serrano