How Businesses Can Help Keep Their Washroom Facilities Better Managed


Managing washroom facilities at a business office or indeed extra ones laid on at a company event isn’t easy. It’s difficult to get the right kind of supplies like handwash stations that don’t breakdown regularly. Also, getting commercial-grade deodorizers for washrooms and handwash stations is usually a trial and error process of running through different brands unless finding a dependable source.

Businesses want to focus on their operations and not on washrooms. So, here are a few things to keep washrooms operational at all times.

Replacement Parts for Portable Restrooms

At Satellite Industries, they actually rent portable restrooms and restroom trailers, so they know exactly what parts wear out over time. Whether that’s assembly parts that were damaged during a relocation of the portable restroom or flush bases that have gone past their useful life, eventually something will need replacing.

Instead of replacing the entire porta potty, swapping out just a few of the parts can make it like new once again. This is ideal for company events where extra ad hoc washroom facilities are needed on short notice.

Deodorizing the Washrooms

Washrooms at work or at company events get considerably more use than the one at home which is only used occasionally. As a result, commercial washrooms have the potential to pick up more germs and bacteria than the average residential bathroom ever will. Because of this, stronger cleaning solutions are required to manage the increased usage.

The Safe T Fresh range of disinfectants produced by Satellite Industries Poly Portables division manage the unique challenges of keeping portable washrooms hygienic and smelling fresh. When you need cleaning solutions that won’t let you down, their products are tested in the field.

Also, there are substantial cost savings to be obtained by companies looking to optimize spending within their facilities. Using commercial grade deodorizers, liquid soap refills and large disinfectant refills have an eye to cleanliness while still being affordable too.

Keeping Handwash Stations Running

Freestanding handwash stations are great solutions when using portable washrooms that don’t have places to clean your hands. These useful stations are strategically positioned to allow people to wash up whether they’ve just used the other facilities or not.

While they appear fairly simple on the outside, inside they’re made up of many different parts. There are water pumps, flexible hoses, freshwater containers, bottom plates and a whole lot more. Dependable parts are available from suppliers to keep handwash stations operational with as little downtime as humanly possible.

Cleaning Supplies Are Only as Good as the People Who Use Them

The cleaners who work for the company or who are supplied by a third-party cleaning crew make all the difference in keeping facilities hygienic and smelling good. When washrooms aren’t attended to often enough, even the best disinfectants or deodorizers can only be expected to do so much.

It’s up to the business to have the cleaners perform enough rounds through the washroom to keep them hygienic. This should be assigned, checked off, and quality controlled to ensure everyone is doing their bit.

Whether having an in-house washroom or a portable facility, keeping them both clean and running smoothly is vital. Otherwise, managers will start to hear complaints from staff or event visitors who are being inconvenienced.


Author: Jeanne

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