Hire The Right Salesperson The First Time Around


Being a hiring manager in the sales sector is substantially more challenging than in other industries. This is because it is so much easier to make a hiring mistake, resulting in wasted energy and company resources, even personal disillusionment. It may feel to some managers that they’re interviewing for the same positions every couple of months – that’s how often new employees don’t work out. Why is hiring a competent salesperson so elusive? It’s predominantly because finding success in sales depends on an employee’s soft skills; these include qualities like stamina, emotional maturity, and sociability which are difficult to pinpoint with any certainty having only spoken to a candidate for a few short minutes.

This is why so many hiring managers and recruiters insist on using sales personality tests — a tool that maps out each individual’s soft skills to help make the process more transparent and give them solid insight into the prospective hire and their soft skill set. Sales personality tests are available through providers like SalesTestOnline for a competitive price, and their function is to alleviate hiring risk. First the provider conducts an accurate assessment of the company’s needs and the personality requirements for the open position, creating a benchmark profile. Sales entities can go so far as to customize these targets by having their strongest employees take a mock test to determine the ideal result.

Applicants then take the test, requiring no more than ten minutes of their time, and their results are compared against the target – anyone with an 80% match or higher is likely to compliment the company, the position, and sales work long term. Sales enterprises can implement this personality test at any point in the hiring process, but the earlier the better; this way the burden of wading through hundreds of resumes is lightened and managers need only look at the experience of high scoring candidates before inviting them in for an interview.

For managers that are skeptical about the test’s precision, and how such a short test can give them such detailed results, rest assured it has an accuracy rate of 90% and a re-order rate of 97% by companies who’ve used it before and want to implement it again for a different position or for training purposes. The test was carefully developed by industrial psychologists to reveal aspects of a candidate’s sales personality they may not yet be aware of, or that they may be trying to hide. With this tool, you’ll have more insight into their sales qualities, or lack thereof.

Are you tired of taking on hires only to let them go after their probation period? Maybe you’re exhausted from having to explain to your superiors how much money was spent on hiring this year and the reasons why that was. By seeing clearly whether a candidate embodies the traits that matter, qualities like motivation, assertiveness and a sense of urgency, it makes your job as a decision maker easier. You also won’t have to worry about a prospective applicant pulling the wool over your eyes again.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough