A Guide To The Top SEO Tactics To Drive Traffic To Your Website

A Guide To The Top SEO Tactics To Drive Traffic To Your Website

One of the best ways to earn money in the 21st century is through online methods. Nowadays there the amount of internet millionaires and entrepreneurs is growing, and you can be one of them. Of course, the increasing number of online entrepreneurs presents with it an increased rivalry for success. To ensure that your website is one of the more popular alternatives, it is important to gain traffic or visitors. This article will provide information on the top SEO tactics available to drive traffic to your website.

1. Perform An SEO Audit On The Website

The first technique to consider is performing an SEO audit on the website. The majority of search engine optimization companies use this as a first port-of-call to identify why a website is not receiving traffic and how to progress from this point. It is possible to save money by completing the task yourself.

Typically, SEO audits involve a systematic examination of the website concept, event, results, or financial documents completed as part of the project. SEO auditing examines the items and helps you to discover where growth can be implemented to attract and retain traffic.

The SEO audit may not seem to be an advanced tactic, but it can be one of the most effective types of tactics used to attain traffic. It is surprising, but by completing this audit you can uncover the lack of the most basic SEO features such as on-page descriptions or keywords.

2. Discover What Your Customers Are Looking For

Contrary to popular belief, Google or any other search engine companies are not merely advertising companies, they are data companies. These businesses provide platforms to gain data from different websites storing it in a database for consumers to access when required.

To ensure you are the website chosen by consumers from this database, it is important that you know what the customers are looking for. You need to identify what target customers are searching for and when you know you will be able to develop content to drive traffic to your website. Consider developing microlearning content for your ideal customer.

The simplest means of identifying what a customer wants is by listening to feedback from the target consumer. The opinions of users matter and they can be obtained via polls or surveys. Information can also be obtained via articles or forums regarding the topic. Quora is a beneficial forum website to use to find out what people are searching for.

3. Creating SEO Optimized Landing Pages

Effectively designed website landing pages are known to improve lead generations and sales conversions for websites. The greater the number of landing pages created, the more gateways available for incoming traffic. According to SEO research, companies tend to go to homepages and not landing pages; therefore, it is important that the homepage is also search engine optimized. However, the landing page is where you can establish a stronger relationship with customers.

4. Making The Website Mobile Device Friendly

In today’s society where the majority of people access websites from mobile devices, it is more important than ever that the website is mobile-friendly. According to Google research conducted in May 2016, approximately more than 60% of all daily searches were completed using a mobile device. To accommodate this act Google implemented an update in their search algorithm to boost organic search results.

If you utilize WordPress as a CMS basis for your website design, the chances are likely that you will have a mobile-friendly website. Wordpress, like Google, understands the importance of mobile-friendly websites and has implemented mobile-friendly designs into their themes.

5. Improving Website Traffic Using Infographics

Infographics have gained popularity because they allow people to view complex information in an easy to understand method. According to research, approximately 70% of all people are visual learners and find infographics more beneficial. To draw and attain traffic, the use of these graphics to pass information will be beneficial.

6. Linking The Website To External Sites With Domain Authority

One highly beneficial method for driving traffic to your website is by gaining links from higher authority domains. In addition to driving traffic, it can also improve the website’s level of trustworthiness for Google spiders when linking to these sites. To identify these sites, it is recommended that you search directories for the authority domains such as Alltop. It is also recommended that you search for website links relevant to your website topic. This will ensure that the traffic driven is relevant to your needs and are more likely to be retained.

7. Use Broken Link Opportunities On Wikipedia

One SEO tactic that many individuals overlook, but that is highly powerful for generating traffic to a website, is the use of broken links on Wikipedia. This can be a time-consuming task to search Wikipedia for dead links and claim them; however, it can be useful because people do click on the links and traffic can be driven to your website.

Author: Will Robins