Google ready to challenge Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft with a console? 

Google ready to challenge Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft with a console?

The world of video games and technology could radically change in the coming years if rumors that have been on the web for some weeks will actually turn into reality. Many insiders of the gaming industry indeed talk with increasing insistence about the possibility that giant Google debuts with a console that would compare (or rather… clash…) with the fifth generation of Playstation signed by Sony, the heir of Microsoft’s Xbox One without forgetting the Nintendo Switch.

Producing a gaming console is certainly a great opportunity but also, undoubtedly, a risky bet. Of course for a giant like Google, remaining in the metaphor of gambling, launching a console is as if it had also a golden nugget online casino bonus code given the large budgets available and the high knowledge of the technology industry, but risks, however, are many and producers who in the past had to withdraw from the scenes know it very well: the last one in a timely order is Japanese SEGA which, until the 90s, battled without ceasing with the aforementioned Nintendo for the  leadership of the sector.

These rumors were born, in particular, during the days of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, the most important event of the year for the sector where, away from prying eyes, Google would have shown its console to some developers for the first time. These rumors would also give sense to the choice of the great G to hire for some months Phil Harrison, a manager who in the past had important tasks in the gaming area of both Sony and Microsoft.

Always according to these rumors, the Google project would have Yeti as code name, would be based in streaming game (some prefer the word cloud gaming) but would also give way to play directly from the console with a power comparable to that of personal computers of very high end, in other words, at the very top of today’s hardware to play.

In Google’s project, there would be the will to acquire various software houses to create many exclusive video games and therefore try to defeat the strong rivalry of competitors with a much higher experience in the sector, such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

The publication of these rumors has obviously triggered comments in the social channels coming from gamers with very different reactions. There are those who give ample credit to Google and think that it will succeed in having the monopoly of the market, as it has been for some time in the area of search engines. There are those who, instead, think about a resounding flop given the inexperience of the company based in Mountain View in the gaming sector, a very special and delicate sector in many ways.

The E3 this year disappointed many gamers for the lack of announcements of new hardware by the various Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. In 2019, however, in Los Angeles perhaps we will have the debut of more gaming machines never seen before and it could also be the showcase for the debut of Google console, ready to embark on a new adventure with the hope that greater competition will only bring advantages to gamers.

Author: Will Robins