How To Have Fun With Your Mochi Ice Cream


It may sound counterintuitive to be told to play with your food, but when it comes to mochi ice cream you should try to get as creative as you can. To get your mouth watering and to jump-start your imagination, here are three fun ways that you can eat this frosty treat.

This chilled dessert isn’t your regular scoop of freezer-burnt ice cream or plain swirl of soft-serve — mochi ice cream is a revolutionary combination of velvety-smooth ice cream and sweetened rice dough. The company My/Mo Mochi ice cream carries a whole list of exciting flavors for you to try so that everyone can stock their favorite pick in their freezer. You can bite into ripe strawberry, double chocolate, vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, green tea, sweet mango and salted caramel treats. You can pick a ball from the box and eat it with your bare hands, but if you want to be more adventurous here are some delicious ice cream ideas to try when you come back from the grocery store.

Dipping Chocolate:

Almost every single flavor of mochi ice cream will taste even better with a blanket of melted dipping chocolate — even options like double-chocolate and cookies and cream could use an extra layer of decadence. All you have to do is melt white, semi-sweet, milk or dark chocolate chips over a double-boiler until it is smooth and silky. You can either chill the spheres on a sheet pan or eat them right after dunking them into the mixture like with a fondue.

Saucy Caramel:

If you are not partial to melted chocolate, then maybe a thick caramel sauce is a better fit for you. Whip up a homemade salted caramel sauce in twenty minutes with a short ingredient list — you will need unsalted butter, heavy cream, granulated sugar and just a tablespoon of fleur de sel. Stick a chilled fork into the ball of mochi ice cream and dip into the glossy caramel — the fork will help you keep your fingers clean and will make sure that the piece doesn’t slip into the bottom of the bowl.

Fizzy Floats:

If a traditional scoop of ice cream tastes delicious in a big glass of root beer, think about how great it will be with a serving of vanilla bean mochi ice cream. You can buy a bottle of old-fashioned root beer or you can make homemade carbonated soda for a personalized twist on this nostalgic beverage — try to make exciting soda recipe flavors like strawberry, blueberry or pomegranate, and experiment with mochi ice cream pieces to find the right match.

Have fun playing with your mochi ice cream and experimenting with techniques, toppings and flavor pairings. You can make a luxurious dipping sauce, brew a sparkling soda or find a brand-new way to eat this cold snack. If your stomach is grumbling at the exact moment you see it behind the freezer glass, you don’t have to wait — you can always enjoy mochi ice cream fresh out of the box.

Author: Ryan Yarbrough