Foods to Feed Your Dog

dog eating

The health of a dog should be taken care of the same way as you take care of yours. Some dogs have weird eating behaviors; some pet owners may ask themselves, are peas safe for dogs to eat? Or can my dog eat fruits or veggies? Well the answer varies for every individual dog. It is best to research more on your dog’s breed and what is suitable for him or her to eat.

People rush to get a cute puppy, but never think about what should be given as food for that breed or whether they can afford the dog’s food within the budget that they have in mind. Before getting a puppy itself, you should think about all those things that you’ll need like food, medicines if he falls sick, other dog supplies etc… You also have to think about the place he will sleep and play, and where he will have his food.

The best way to feed your dog is by choosing food with fewer amounts of protein. Take your dog to a vet for a routine checkup, vaccinations and check whether his/her body is infected with parasites. You have to immunize the dog’s body and should start giving him medication from the sixth week. Usually adult dogs are vaccinated once in a year which helps their bodies fight diseases.

Dogs eat grass because they are sick and whenever they have excess bile in their gullet. By eating grass their empty stomach gets filled, which helps remove the acidic feeling. Later on you’ll see that your dog will throw up the excess bile. Gallbladder secretes bile and it is excreted in the stomach which helps digestion. Your dog will normally eat food given to him after that, as if nothing ever happened.

In order to control the feeling or to get rid of the purge, you can feed your dog before going to bed. Give him some dog biscuits or crackers or any fiber which remains in the stomach for a longer period. Don’t go on jumping from one brand of dog food to another, because it may cause some symptoms like nausea or acidity. Using some antacids after prescription from the doctor could help in hollowing the belly. Make sure you keep your dog away from food that he would not find if he were a wild dog. I saw someone asking a stupid question once on a forum. They asked, can dogs drink gatorade? – Obviously no! that is extremely unnatural!

Sometimes domestic dogs eat grass just to add the extra nutrients to their diet. Such dogs don’t vomit and the grass doesn’t affect their overall health. Even wolves eat the stomach of rabbit/deer in order to get the nutrients that animal got through its food intake.

Whenever your dog feels like eating grass, you have to watch carefully and if he doesn’t stop take him to a vet.  Stay away from the thorny grasses and divert the dog from eating grass which is not soft, as some grass can even harm the esophageal tract.

Finally, cultivate your lawn without harmful fertilizers or insecticides and keep it as pure and organic as possible. You may add some vegetables to your dog’s diet or any other dietary supplement which can provide him nutrients and he will most probably stay away from grass. Even after filling their diet with veggies, he may try to eat grass, don’t worry, that’s just his natural instinct.

Author: Will Robins