Five Ways to Lose Weight with a Busy Schedule

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If 12 hours at the office and weekends with family and running errands have taken over your schedule, you are not alone. It seems many of us are in a competition to see who is the busiest.

And, the last thing on your mind is keeping up with your health. You can’t even keep up with your roots. Yet, you’re probably tired often and perhaps, not too happy with your current appearance.

If you want to be healthy, you can be. You just need to make it a priority. Keep reading to learn more.

Transform Your Health

According to Business Bellies, you can lose weight with a busy schedule if you transform your way of life. This is a reset of everything that went downhill once your schedule became overwhelming.

When you are working 12-hour days, it is too easy to eat convenience foods and skip out on exercise. And, then, you create a vicious cycle where you feel more sluggish–next, you’re continuously turning to comfort foods to ease your anxiety and stress.

Perhaps you have forgotten how to eat healthily and need a reset. There is nothing wrong with stopping what you’re doing to do something better and healthier.

Set a Time for Exercise

You probably use an app to stay organized with every facet of your life from work deadlines to your children’s activities to social events and grocery lists. Well, why can’t you schedule at least 30 minutes per day for some exercise?

You can set up your schedule on Sunday afternoons, and make exercise as much a priority as grocery shopping. Plus, working out does not have to be boring. There are thousands of apps, videos and more with a wide variety of ways to work out from dancing to boot camp-style training.

In fact, you can engage in a different style exercise every single day if you wanted. And, scheduling exercise helps you to stick to it.

Wake Up Early

One thing about having a busy schedule are all the activities that take place after work. They can be happy hours or dinners with colleagues, late meetings and evening events.

After all of that, you are exhausted and just want to hit the sack. This is why it’s much easier to lose weight by exercising in the morning.

This guarantees that you get a healthy activity in before your day gets carried away and the excuses start coming. Even if you’re a morning person, it will take some motivation and discipline to wake up early for exercise.

For the first week, you must force yourself to do it. The good news is it will soon become a regular part of your routine.

Work Out Longer on the Weekends

It only takes three to five days per week to notice the results of your workouts. One way to help get that going is by working out longer on the weekends.

You may even take Thursdays and Fridays off. The weekends offer more time and flexibility. You’ll feel less rushed. In addition, you can really push yourself.

As a result, you only have to work out between one and three days during the work week.

Pack Your Food

Working out is only part of the equation. You also need to watch what you eat.

You can’t run far enough to burn all the calories of pigging out five days a week. When you pack your food and snacks, you’ll feel less tempted to reach for something convenient and unhealthy.

But, good food doesn’t have to be boring. Add lots of flavor with spices. And, eat the healthy foods that you enjoy whether it’s certain types of fruits and vegetables.

To illustrate, I love brussels sprouts so I don’t mind eating them several times a week. I also love grapes and watermelon.

Not to mention, drinking naturally-flavored waters can make eating healthy more exciting and enjoyable.

In Conclusion

Being busy is no longer an excuse to live an unhealthy lifestyle. As you can see, it is possible to lose weight and keep a tight schedule.

Author: Susan Melony