Five Tips to Make Your Trade Show Booth a Success at the Next Event


Trade shows, whether indoors or out, can be a boon for your business. They come with many benefits that include:

  • They are a great way to market your product or service face-to-face
  • They can generate a massive amount of leads
  • They are a cost effective way to network and advertise at the same time
  • They can create a lasting impression that can translate to a long-term increase in sales

Of course, you’ll only enjoy these wonderful benefits if you put in the time to make sure your booth is successful. Otherwise, everyone will just wander by without coming in for a closer look.

Here are five tips that will ensure you enjoy much success at your next event.

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions matter. That means how your booth is decorated matters.

Take the time to construct a booth that is a true reflection of your business. That might mean interactive displays, creating a festive atmosphere with decorations, like bunting, and playing music.

Custom pop up tents are great for outdoor events. They can provide much-needed shade during hot days, as well as protection from the rain. They are a must if you will be serving any kind of food inside your tent.

Make sure you consider every corner of your booth to create an immersive experience that leaves a memorable first impression.

Make Your Booth Look Busy

Think that a partially empty booth is the best way to get people to come in for a closer look? Think again.

Popularity breeds popularity. It’s why there’s a line out the door at one pizza parlor and no one in another. People want to know what the big deal is about!

You can use that to your advantage by making your booth look busy. That means finding ways to attract people into your booth the day-of, but it also means contacting people long before you set up your booth. If your existing customers and clients know you’ll be attending the show, you can get them to come and visit, which will increase the popularity of your booth.

Stop Selling and Show Interest

You will be interacting with a lot of strangers at your next event. That’s a good thing! That’s how you can find new customers and clients!

There are a lot of techniques that will help you sell to strangers, but one of the most effective is not selling to them at all.

Show true interest in the people who enter your booth. Ask where they’re from, what brought them to the trade show, and why they decided to stop by your booth. Even if you don’t actually talk about the product or service you’re offering, they will remember your conversation and look for your business’s information later after they get home.

Have Fun

If your booth looks like a lot of fun, you can bet more people will want to come in and see what’s going on.

Keep in mind, having fun means more than just branded giveaways. Skip the printed pens and can koozies and look for other ways to have a little fun.

Create an experience in your booth that relates to your business, or set up an interactive display. Allow visitors to make something they can take home with them, or use technology to your advantage.

Make sure the people running your booth look like they’re having fun too! If they’re smiling and having a good time, more people will want to come in and say hi.

Follow up on Your Leads Fast

Trade shows are great for collecting leads. At the end of the day, you’ll likely discover that your email list has grown exponentially and your collection basket is full of dozens of phone numbers.

It may be tempting to revel in your success and put off connecting with your new leads, but you shouldn’t put it off.

You want to connect with customers and clients while their experience in your booth is fresh in their minds. That means getting those emails added to your list ASAP and calling leads as soon as you’re able.

Although renting a booth at a trade show and buying all the supplies needed to decorate it can cost a lot of money and time, it’s well worth it, as long as you do it right. With the tips on this list, you’ll enjoy so much success at your event that you’ll be excited to plan the next one!

Author: Susan Melony