Five Simple Steps Toward Overcoming the Fear of Flying

Fear of flying

The fear of flying is one of the most common phobias among the public, but it’s also one of the most difficult to overcome.

After all, the advice of “facing your fears” is much easier said than done when you’re dealing with a massive hunk of metal that’s thousands of feet in the air. Furthermore, given there are so many layers of flying from checking into security to strapping into the plane, there’s plenty of room for freak-outs and doubts to plague you throughout your journey.

That said, it is possible to overcome a fear of flying granted your phobia isn’t too severe and you’re willing to take the proper steps. Whether you’re looking to overcome your fear or are trying to help someone else get over their own phobia, the following tips can help.

Try Not to Stress Out

Flying can be anxiety-inducing simply because there’s a lot that can go wrong before you even get on the plane, right? As noted, security snafus and sudden delays can take a mental toll on any traveler, especially one that’s afraid of flying.

Try to travel during a time where you don’t have a tight schedule and therefore don’t need to worry about timing so much. As always, it pays to get to their airport early and give yourself plenty of time in case you do hit any snags. Also bear in mind that you can get compensated for your flight’s delay if something goes wrong, so don’t stress out about the financial aspect of flying, either.

Don’t Go Alone

Perhaps this is a no-brainer, but it always helps to have someone there to support you when you’re trying to get over any sort of fear. Having a seasoned traveler along for the ride is crucial to calming you down and reminding you that everything will be okay. Likewise, it helps to have a level-headed person to answer any questions and concerns you might have about flying at a moment’s notice.

Sleep It Off

Sleep aids such as Dramamine and Benadryl can ease your anxiety by making your drowsy prior to take-off. Since most people typically do nod off at some point during their flights, consider how such medication can help speed up the process. Just be sure not to overdo your dosage to compensate for your fears.

Opt for a Comfortable Seat

Many people fear flying due to claustrophobia, so make sure you’re not stuck in one of the worst seats on a plane in terms of comfort. For more people, aisle seats are ideal given you receive more leg room but everyone’s different in terms of what makes them feel safe and secure.

Either way, book ahead of time to snag your preferred seat. If you’re flying an airline like Southwest where seating is first-come, first-serve, you might have to explain your phobia to someone or speak to a flight attendant to find a seat the suits you.

Distract Yourself

Whether it’s a book, your phone or a game console, finding ways to pass the time on an airplane will distract you from your fear of flying. Think about it: your flight will be over before you know it if you can manage to get lost in a good story or film. Either way, don’t leave yourself twiddling your thumbs and give yourself something to do.

Do an Advantageous Comparison

Even cabin crews who are pros sometimes fear flying. Many may want to know how to become a flight attendant but it still doesn’t change the fact that all of us fear it one way or another. The key is to acknowledge that fear and always look at the positive side!

The more prepared you are for “what-ifs” aboard a flight, the easier it is to overcome your fear. Sticking these tips could indeed help you shatter your phobia once and for all.


Author: Susan Melony