Five Savvy Tips for Marketing Your Health-Focused Business

health business

From supplements and workouts to the world of DIY remedies and medicine, the health industry is, was and perhaps always will be a booming one.

As the desires to improve one’s health and get fit are universal, there will seemingly always be room for new marketers in the space.

That being said, competition is absolutely fierce for those looking to both make their voices heard and rank in the SERPs. As a result, marketing a health-focused business requires some particular tips and tricks versus a traditional business to gain traction.

Struggling for subscribers? Not sure how to break through the noise? Consider these five savvy tips to step up your health marketing game.

Focus on Building Your List

Email lists are the bread and butter of any marketer; however, health-focused businesses in particular arguably have the most to gain from their lists. Think about it: as the industry constantly changes and new trends emerge, you can essentially break news and sell new products to your subscribers time and time again.

From opt-ins to eye-popping messages, just make sure that you’re using email marketing services that aren’t stuck in the past.

When in Doubt, Write a Review

If you’re struggling for fresh content ideas or likewise looking for some action in the SERPs, never be afraid of going the route of writing reviews. The beauty of reviews for health marketers is three-fold…

  • You have more chances to target longtail keywords for very specific search queries (think: “50+ men’s sleep supplement” or “high rep dumbbell workouts for women”)
  • Reviews are prime places to slip in affiliate links naturally
  • When reviewing a new product, you essentially break your own news on behalf your audience and industry

Don’t Be Afraid to Debate

Controversy and conflict breed clicks, plain and simple. While you don’t necessarily need to go picking fights in the blogosphere, having strong opinions and sticking to your guns can help get more eyes on your business. For example, don’t be afraid to engage in friendly debate with others in your niche through tweets, blog comments and video responses.

Think a diet or workout is bogus? Let your audience know. As long as you have the chops to back up your claims, there’s nothing to fear.

Start Making Videos

There’s no better time to get involved with video marketing than right now, especially given the spectacular conversion rates provided by video content. Much of your existing blog content such as workout videos and reviews could easily be repurposed into videos, for example. Given that people today would rather watch a video than scroll through a blog post, videos are a great way to make sure you’re neat potentially alienating your audience.

Be a Serial Commenter in Social Communities

Private Facebook groups in particular are a breeding ground for building authority within your niche. Answering questions within health-related social communities signals yourself as a mover and shaker within your industry versus a mere follower. Over time, you can actually create your own community to monetize over time as part of your long-term social media strategy.

Health marketing definitely requires some legwork for those looking to stand high above their competitors. That said, using these tips as the cornerstones of your marketing strategy will pay dividends over time.

Author: Susan Melony