FC Dinamo Players Claim They Didn’t Realise Massage Parlour Came with a Happy Ending

FC Dinamo Players Claim They Didn't Realise Massage Parlour Came with a Happy Ending

A lovely post game massage turned into something a lot saucier for the boys of FC Dinamo as they claim they had no idea these masseuses offered a happy ending.


For anyone that doesn’t know, FC Dinamo are a professional football team situated in Bucharest in Romania. From their humble beginnings in 1948, they have spent their time in Liga I, which is the best of the best in the Romanian football league system.According to one source, the boys enjoy going for a massage after a big win, but their usual parlour was closed that day.

For most, an erotic massage parlour would have been obvious from a mile away, but the players deny they had any clue. “We won a big game and as our usual massage parlour was closed we just looked for the closest one. We had had a couple of drinks by this point, but we just wanted a massage.” Jaime Penedo, goalkeeper to the team stated. This is when they found the erotic massage parlour Bucharest. Of course, the sign outside was a lot subtler, leading the team to head straight in.

As the boys went in and took off their kits they began to realise that something was a bit different. MirceaIonuțAxente, striker, said he began to notice the girls were very hands on from the get go. “They didn’t look like your typical masseuse, but I didn’t really think that much of it.” Axente said. “When she began to massage at the start it was just normal, she was a bit flirty but as a footballer I am used to being flirted with, I just thought she had recognised me.”

Dan Nistor, midfielder said he thought the team were having him on, playing a practical joke of some sort. “The masseuse was getting very close and personal, but I just thought I was overthinking things. She began asking me what I like, that’s when I started to think the team were having a practical joke.” Nistor carries on to reveal that the masseuse asked him if he wanted a happy ending, to which he asked her which team mate had put her up to this. “I asked her who was trying to prank me, but she genuinely looked confused and that’s when I realised she actually wasn’t kidding.” Nistor told us.

Adam Nemec, forward to FC Dinamo, who missed out on the match and post massage due to injury thought the whole thing was hilarious. “I would have loved to have seen their faces walking out of there, guess we will be sticking to our usual massage parlour from now on.” Nemec joked.

The whole team deny having any idea that they were off to get a happy ending, although I can’t help but wonder if they are telling a little fib. Regardless, the boys all said they refused their happy ending, satisfied with just their massage.

Author: Will Robins