Exploring the Benefits of Interactive Content and Marketing

interactive marketing

Interactive content resonates with audiences in a big way. The focus on interactive content and tactics is leading to increased interest in interactive marketing platform options, and new ways of thinking when it comes to how businesses and content creators target audiences.

It’s essential to stand out in a crowded landscape that you’re providing users with something unique, and a full experience that includes elements of interactivity. Interactive content marketing simply means that you’re letting your user somehow participate in content, and it may be in very simple ways. Another key element of interactive marketing is that it tends to solve a problem for the user.

A good example of interactive marketing is Amazon. They collect data on customers, and then deliver highly personalized shopping experiences, with things like recommended items.

The following are some of the main benefits of interactive content and marketing.

Meeting Consumer Needs

We live in a world where consumers expect and demand that their needs be met in every way possible. With interactive marketing you’re giving yourself the chance to increase the likelihood you’ll give the consumer just what they need, and this is going to also improve the chances you’ll make a sale.


Engagement is essential, and it’s proven to be more than just a buzzword of the week for marketers. A lot of marketers will tell you engagement really matters more than their site visitor and the time that a consumer is actively engaging with your content is extremely important.

It naturally follows that people are going to be more engaged when they’re interacting with content, as opposed to simply reading a blog post as an example. When you can actively engage users you’re going to build a stronger relationship and not just increase conversions at that time, but also things like brand loyalty.

Avoid Being Too Salesy

Marketers have a lot of unique opportunities right now, but they’re also met with a lot of skepticism from highly discerning consumers. Consumers know when you’re trying to sell them, and they don’t necessarily like it. When you create interactive content, you can overcome the obstacle of appearing so salesy that it’s a turnoff to would-be customers.

Interactive content can be useful not just to engage customers, but also inform and educate them in a unique way. You can skip the sales pitch altogether in these instances.


When your content is shared organically, it’s a low-cost and really effective thing for your brand and your business. Interactive content is more likely to be shared because it’s more engaging.

If your customer is engaged, they’re going to be more satisfied, thereby increasing the likelihood they’ll pass on those good feelings to others.

Finally, this was touched on a bit above, but one of the main advantages of interactive content is the element of personalization it inherently delivers. You can fully customize it which isn’t something that can be done in traditional marketing. This is more likely to boost loyalty, and also help you develop a positive brand image for your customers.  

Author: Susan Melony