Davenport Laroche and Shipping Container Investing


Profitability is Productivity

“I define being productive as profitable for our clients and ourselves,” says Jacques Piccard, Managing Director of alternative investment firm Davenport Laroche. Piccard developed the simple, yet powerful definition of success while working in international finance and traveling the world as a research analyst. His willingness to focus on real world results propelled him to found Davenport Laroche and shepherd its development into an international company that provides safe investing with high returns.

Individual Investors Plug into a Global Market

Davenport Laroche capitalizes on the massive worldwide movement of shipping containers. Ninety percent of business goods are shipped via containers. The world’s largest corporations rely on these shipments for their own profitability and survival, making containers a must have for global trade. Davenport Laroche brings this incredible money making opportunity to individual investors by making them the deeded owners of these invaluable shipping containers.

Investors in the system that Piccard and the team at Davenport Laroche developed purchase containers that are then leased to Fortune 500 companies for use in their shipping ventures. The leased containers provide investors with monthly income. This system yields a high return for investors in a secure context, similar to real estate investing. The containers are owned by the investors and leased to others, like standard real estate property. However, there is a sense in which it is even better, because the high demand for containers actually outperforms rentals in many areas.

A Customized Approach Leads to Strong Returns

Davenport Laroche does not use a cookie cutter approach to each investor. Lowest risk investments are made as long term leases that yield a 12% annual return on investment. This is often a solid starting point for individuals who are investing in containers for the first time. Individuals who are seeking higher returns, who own many containers, or have greater experience in container investing can operate in shorter term leases that return a high yield. These investors made 24.13% in the past year.

Container shipment is not only here to stay, it is projected to grow substantially. The Chinese government has begun a massive multi-decade investment on the infrastructure of the world’s second largest economy. This is a leading economic indicator for the global need of containers that is will continue through the next century. Davenport Laroche is already serving investors by cashing in on the Chinese growth. The firm announced last month they are the preferred provider of containers for the shipment of goods that will be used developing new airports in Tibet.

A Winning Combination

From their headquarters in Hong Kong, Davenport Laroche is able to oversee the entire investment process for individuals. The firm handles the purchasing of containers, leasing them to global businesses, and transferring the monthly income straight into investor accounts. It is a turnkey investment service, in a low-risk context, with high yield rewards. This is the productive goal of Jacques Piccard: Profitability for clients and his company. This makes Davenport Laroche and shipping container investment a winning duo.

Author: Lindsay Shearer

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