Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Are Related But Not the Same

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Digital Marketing is marketing a product digitally. Content Marketing is the act of marketing your content out to resources, other sites, in order to gain traffic. So you may use content marketing as one portion of your digital marketing strategy but they are not the same.

Digital Marketing, normally, means that you are looking to gain visitors to your website. The way you typically do this when you are digital marketing is to target traffic initially onto a page with great copy writing.

Copywriting is meant to gain the attention of the reader and to have them react with the content. Then within the copy writing you have a specific call to action where the readers will interact with the content and hopefully press a button to go the next piece of content.

Page by page your traffic clicks slowly giving you their email, name, and other information you need. At some point you will ask them to purchase something but only after you have set the stage.

This Digital Marketing method is called Lead Magnets and marketing funnels. These funnels lead into a maze of content that helps the traffic convert from lookers into buyers. This is digital marketing in a nutshell.

Content Marketing normally starts with a guide or big piece of content. You then place that big piece of content on your site and take portions of it and engage other sites to post about the “guide” or big piece using a portion of it. This is very similar to a marketing funnel in the way it is set up.

When you look more and more at the differences and the similarities you can quickly see why they are so often confused. While digital marketing has content marketing embedded into it so often. They are not the same thing.

The Main Difference Between Content Marketing and Digital Marketing

The main difference is the goal of the marketing. Content marketing often is to either gain backlinks or the email address, phone number, and sometimes both from traffic that is interested in the guide. While you may employ a marketing funnel on your content marketing it is not a content funnel and means you are using a digital marketing funnel to gain interaction and information from your content.

The main thing most marketers are looking for are results. They want to gain more and more “leads” for them to market to. This may come from paid traffic or content marketing but normally from a combination of both.

SEO plays a vital role into digital marketing and content marketing as the higher you rank for keywords on the search engines then the more traffic about that keyword you get. This cycle is also contagious. The stronger your website is then the more possibility you have to rank for more keywords.  The more keywords then the more traffic.

This is why having a healthy and well-rounded Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO strategy for your website is so vital for your business and your websites. 

Author: Will Robins